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Timestrip time and temperature monitoring
Timestrip indicator labels are single use, low cost, patented technology diffusing liquid through a viewing window to reveal how much time has passed since activation or temperature breach

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Shows length of time vaccines are out of fridge
vaccine out of fridge

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eTimestrip App for pdf reporting
Download our eTimestrip app today. It is compatible with most of our electronic indicators and can be used to generate data report PDF and CSVs to save and share.

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Timestrip neo
Electronic indicator with 3 temperatures
Timestrip neo
Timestrip neo TT525

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Timestrip Applications
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November 26, 2013

Life-saving Fetal Membranes Rupture Test with Built in Timestrip

The Fetal Membrane Rupture Test by Rom Plus has a customized 20 minute Timestrip built into the diagnostic test cassette.

When the Timestrip is activated by hand it indicates the length of time until the test results can be read, between 5 and 20 minutes.

Premature ruptures of fetal membranes can be accounted for up to 10% of perinatal deaths, according to the Journal of American Medical Association.

Early diagnosis minimizes the chance for serious complication and the Timestrip enhanced easy-to-use Rom Plus test offers clinicians quick results so they can provide quick treatment to save the lives of infants.


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