Timestrip® takes oral care innovation into France with Casino toothbrushes

One of France’s largest retailers – The Casino Group – has launched a new toothbrush range with the Timestrip® patented technology built into the grip, indicating when it’s time to replace the toothbrush.
Casino Group Timestrip ToothbrushThe Casino Group has a reputation for innovation across its own-label ranges and has listed the new toothbrushes in over 100 stores across France, giving the range prominent fixture positions to highlight the launch.

The company has secured a valuable ‘first-to-market’ advantage with the adoption of the Timestrip technology. There is no other retailer or brand manufacturer offering customers in France the unique oral care benefits of a Timestrip toothbrush.

The brush design makes the complete cleaning regime much more effective and helps protect teeth and gums, whilst cleansing the tongue during brushing. The Timestrip technology is activated at the first use by simple finger pressure and reveals the word ‘Changer’ after three months have elapsed – the optimum replacement period according to experts.

Dental professionals advise changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months as old toothbrushes do not remove plaque as effectively and bacteria can build up leading to dental problems such as gum disease.

In fact a new toothbrush is 95% more effective at removing plaque than a 3 month old brush, according to the British Dental Health Foundation.

The Timestrip® team are confident that the new Casino toothbrush range will increase repeat purchase levels whilst delivering dental health benefits for their customers as a result of a better oral care hygiene regime.

adminTimestrip® takes oral care innovation into France with Casino toothbrushes