Temperature control abuse newest development in UK Horsemeat story

According to a Sky News interview with a lorry driver, not only have British beef products been contaminated with horse DNA, but there has also been a failure to adhere to a variety of UK food safety guidelines, including controlled temperatures during transport.

UK meat industry temerature abuse

Cell phone image from the Sky News interview

The lorry driver gives a vivid description of seafood being left to spoil in the sun for hours, being left to rot in the sun, before being shipped off to be sold to consumers.

Food quality can be compromised if it is not stored and shipped within a specified temperature range. When breaches of safe temperatures occur, bacteria can reach high levels, leading to illness or death when the food is consumed.

In England, most chilled food is regulated to be shipped and stored at 8˚C /46˚F and should not be exposed to other temperatures for more than two hours.

Timestrip offers an easy, cost-effective way for supermarkets, vendors, suppliers and lorry drivers like the one in the interview to identify when temperature control regulations have been breached. Timestrip’s range of cold chain indicators can let you know at one glance if food products have spent time in an unsafe temperature range and can help both shipping and food retail companies comply with the UK government’s food safety regulations.


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adminTemperature control abuse newest development in UK Horsemeat story