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Timestrip time and temperature monitoring
Timestrip indicator labels are single use, low cost, patented technology diffusing liquid through a viewing window to reveal how much time has passed since activation or temperature breach

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eTimestrip App for pdf reporting
Download our eTimestrip app today. It is compatible with most of our electronic indicators and can be used to generate data report PDF and CSVs to save and share.

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Timestrip neo
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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Temperature Monitoring Devices and Disposable Temperature Indicators

In the dynamic field of healthcare, accurate temperature monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety, maintaining quality control, and safeguarding the integrity of temperature-sensitive products.

As technology continues to advance, innovative solutions like thermometer recorders, temperature monitoring devices, and disposable temperature indicators have emerged, revolutionizing the way temperature is monitored and managed in healthcare settings.

Thermometer Recorders: Unleashing Precision and Efficiency

Thermometer recorders have emerged as invaluable tools in healthcare facilities. These devices go beyond traditional thermometers by providing continuous temperature monitoring and recording capabilities. With precise sensors and built-in memory, thermometer recorders offer real-time temperature tracking and generate comprehensive data logs for analysis and audit purposes.

electronic temperature indicator with LED

Timestrip’s Electronic Timestrip Complete are a compact device that uses near-field communication (NFC), so that users with a smartphone can download data from the device to PDF or Excel files, providing auditable evidence of temperature breaches.

Both Android and Apple devices from iPhone 7 onwards are now supported. The detailed data report includes a record of the number of times the limit has been exceeded, the total time limit exceeded and alarm status.

Healthcare professionals can benefit greatly from the utilization of thermometer recorders. From monitoring the temperature of vaccine storage units, blood banks, and pharmaceutical refrigerators to ensuring optimal temperature conditions during surgical procedures, these devices enhance efficiency and accuracy.

The ability to record temperature fluctuations in real-time enables timely interventions, reducing the risk of spoilage, contamination, and compromised patient safety.

In hospitals and clinics, temperature monitoring devices such as Timestrip’s liquid-based indicators provide real-time updates on temperature conditions and are a more practical alternative to traditional methods, such as frequent manual measurements, contributing to efficiency and overall experience.

Disposable Temperature Indicators: Ensuring Product Integrity

Disposable temperature indicators have emerged as game-changers in maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. Designed as single-use devices, these indicators provide a visual indication of temperature excursions during storage and transportation. They are particularly valuable for ensuring the quality and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and blood products.

Timestrip PLUS activation

Timestrip’s liquid-based indicators incorporate irreversible chemical reactions, disposable temperature indicators change colour or display clear alerts when exposed to critical temperature thresholds. This allows healthcare professionals to quickly identify instances of temperature abuse, ensuring that products are not administered or used beyond their safe limits.

The ease of use and cost-effectiveness of these indicators make them accessible and practical for various healthcare settings, from hospitals to pharmacies and ambulatory care centres.


As the healthcare industry continues to advance, the integration of innovative technologies such as thermometer recorders, temperature monitoring devices, and disposable temperature indicators is transforming temperature monitoring practices. These advancements contribute to improved patient safety, enhanced quality control, and increased efficiency in healthcare operations.

Thermometer recorders enable precise and continuous temperature monitoring, facilitating timely interventions and reducing the risk of spoilage. Temperature monitoring devices provide real-time alerts, enabling prompt action where required. Disposable temperature indicators ensure product integrity, helping healthcare professionals identify temperature excursions and prevent the use of compromised products.

With these cutting-edge solutions, healthcare facilities can elevate their temperature monitoring practices, ensuring optimal conditions for patients, medications, and other temperature-sensitive products.

The widespread adoption of thermometer recorders, temperature monitoring devices, and disposable temperature indicators marks a new era in healthcare, where temperature control is more accurate, reliable, and efficient than ever before.

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Timestrip to attend Transport Control & Logistics 2023 in Frankfurt

After a very successful showing at Clinical Pharmacy Congress this month, we’re delighted to be exhibiting at the Temperature Control and Logistics 2023 conference in Frankfurt this year!

This three-day conference in Germany brings together pharmaceutical and supply chain professionals from across Europe and beyond for networking and updates on the latest developments in this important sector.

With the special focus on Pharmaceutical Logistics, Quality Assurance and the Supply Chain, we’re confident that Timestrip’s indicators will be well received.

We'll be showing both the liquid-based indicators and electronic ones, including the new Timestrip neo products that are causing quite a stir with their small size, high accuracy and low cost.

If you can make it, we’d be very happy to meet up at Booth 12, or maybe in the bar! Connect with us on LinkedIn to set up a meeting.

Temperature Control and Logistics takes place from 13th to 15th June. More information.

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A Revolutionary Temperature Monitoring Solution - Timestrip PLUS

Temperature control is crucial in many industries, including food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. Failure to maintain the correct temperature can lead to spoilage, contamination, or other quality issues, resulting in significant financial losses and damage to brand reputation. Temperature monitoring is an essential aspect of quality control and regulatory compliance.

Timestrip PLUS is a game-changing temperature monitoring solution that provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to track the temperature of products during storage and transportation. Here, we discuss the features and benefits of Timestrip PLUS and why it is an ideal solution for temperature-sensitive products in many industries.

What is Timestrip PLUS?

8C temperature indicator

Timestrip PLUS is a smart temperature monitoring label that uses reliable technology to indicate when a product has been exposed to temperatures outside a specific range. The label is a small, lightweight, and easy-to-use device that can be attached to almost any surface, including boxes, pallets, containers, and even individual products. Specific typical applications include: freeze alert, blood bag shipping or just a general temperature monitor for shipping.

How does Timestrip Plus work?

Timestrip PLUS consists of a liquid-filled enclosure that reacts to temperature changes. When the label is exposed to temperatures outside the specified range, a visible red dye migrates clearly across the label's window. The rate of dye migration is related to the temperature and time of exposure, allowing for precise temperature monitoring.

The Timestrip PLUS label is activated by squeezing a button on the label's back, which releases the chemical and starts the temperature monitoring process. The label can be configured to monitor temperature ranges from -20°C to 37°C, with customizable activation and threshold temperatures to suit various applications.

Why choose Timestrip PLUS?

Timestrip PLUS offers several benefits over traditional temperature monitoring methods, including:

Simple and intuitive design: Timestrip PLUS is easy to use and does not require any specialized training or equipment. The label's clear window displays a visible red line, indicating whether the product has been exposed to temperatures outside the specified range. This makes it easy for anyone to monitor temperature levels and take corrective action if necessary.

Cost-effective: Timestrip PLUS is a cost-effective temperature monitoring solution compared to other methods such as data loggers or thermal mapping. The label's low cost and ease of use make it a practical choice for any business that needs to ensure temperature maintenance.

Reliable and accurate: Timestrip PLUS uses patented technology to provide accurate temperature monitoring without the need for calibration or maintenance. The label reacts quickly and precisely to temperature changes, providing a reliable indication of temperature exposure.

Customizable: Timestrip PLUS can be configured to meet the specific temperature monitoring needs of different industries and applications. The label's activation and threshold temperatures can be customized to suit a wide range of products and environments.

Versatile: Timestrip PLUS can be used in various temperature-sensitive applications, including food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. The label's small size and lightweight make it easy to attach to products and packaging, allowing for temperature monitoring during storage and transportation.

Timestrip PLUS is a highly effective temperature and time monitoring solution that provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to track temperature levels during storage and transportation. With its proven technology and customizable features, Timestrip PLUS is an ideal solution for industries that require temperature control to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance.

Contact us today to learn more about how Timestrip PLUS can benefit your business.

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Blood Packaging Timestrip Solutions

Timestrip has rapidly and effectively developed cost effective monitoring solutions in healthcare, resulting in reduced wastage, cost and improving patient welfare, whilst at the same time ensuring efficacy, safety and quality of the products delivered.

High Impact Blood Packaging Solution

Timestrip’s specially formulated liquid indicators monitor temperature of packaged blood supplies, avoiding wastage and ensuring the quality of blood supplied to patients.

Timestrip blood bag labels are designated as medical device Blood Temp 10 FDA 510(k) approved indicator for the transportation of blood – provide a visual alert that a temperature breach has occurred.

Blood bag temperature hospital

The benefits are reduced unnecessary wastage of good product, and avoidance of consequent cost impact. As the indicators are small and attached directly to blood bags, if part of a consignment is identified as having been exposed to a temperature breach (e.g. on the outside of a package stored in a hot climate), the remainder of the supply may still be usable.

Further benefits include encouraging a systematic quality monitoring procedure and ensuring peace of mind for clinician and patient. Timestrip self-adhesive indicators are lower cost, and simpler to store and to use than competing systems such as data loggers, and can be stored at ambient temperatures, being activated only when needed.

Tenet Healthcare used Blood Temp 10 temperature indicators to monitor blood transportation. These helped healthcare services company Tenet Healthcare to comply with regulatory guidance by providing auditable proof that blood core temperature was maintained when returned to the blood bank. A survey by PDC Healthcare reported that the blood bag temperature indicators helped Tenet significantly improve blood transportation quality control and workflow efficiency.

Innovation in Temperature Monitoring of Blood Packaging

As operational requirements change, Timestrip is quick to develop new solutions.

Blood Temp 10

For example, the company introduced Blood Temp 10 to provide accurate indication of over-temperature conditions of packaged blood during transit. Blood Temp 10 provides a non-reversible visual indication in the form of a colour change if storage temperatures rise above 10ºC.

The easy-to-use system is activated by squeezing a button, and operates using reliable chemical processes. It is accurate to +/- 0.5ºC, and satisfies regulatory requirements to FDA 510(k) #BK150289.

As well as whole blood, the system can be used to monitor red blood cells, plasma or other temperature sensitive life science products.

Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Belgium has adopted a temperature control regime for red blood cells, platelets and plasma using Timestrip® Temperature Indicators. “By applying freeze indicator and a Timestrip PLUS label, we can demonstrate that we now have continuous temperature monitoring of our blood products”, said Dr. Christian Vandenvelde, Head of the Military Department for Blood Transfusion. “This also means that we have more certainty on the storage conditions in order to take back blood products. Moreover, any human error can be discovered and critical mistakes avoided.”

Questions about how Timestrip can monitor your blood supply? Contact us about blood solutions.

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Timestrip Time: A Reliable Time Monitoring Solution

Time-sensitive products such as medicines, vaccines, cosmetics, and replacement items such as water filters require careful monitoring of their shelf life and expiration dates.

Inaccurate monitoring can result in waste, loss of efficacy and potentially dangerous consequences. Timestrip Time is a reliable time indicator solution that allows manufacturers and end users to keep track of their products throughout their lifetime.

What is Timestrip Time?

Timestrip Time is a time indicator label that provides a simple and effective way to monitor the passage of time. The label consists of a paper or plastic card, with an irreversible visual indicator that changes its pattern over time.

water filter replacement reminder

Typical applications are:

  • Medical and healthcare environment. Items such as hospital curtains needs regular replacement to main standards of hygiene. Drugs have an expiration date, and stocks must be rotated to avoid wastage. A Timestrip indicator can make this a simple and highly visible operation. Endoscopes need to be sterilised promptly as part of standard procedure, and again a time indicator can ensure that is part of best practice.
  • Manufacturers can include time indicators with their consumable products such as filters and brush heads. Regular changing by end users keeps equipment working efficiently and safely, and boosts supplier revenues.

How to use a Timestrip Time indicator?

The Timestrip Time label is activated by pressing a button on the label's back. Once activated, the label starts tracking the elapsed time, with the visual indicator changing as time passes. The label can be customized to track different time intervals, ranging from hours to several years.

Timestrip Time offers several benefits over traditional time monitoring methods:

Accurate and reliable

Timestrip Time provides accurate and reliable time monitoring, with the visual indicator changing pattern as time passes. The speed of the process is calibrated to ensure accurate tracking of time, even in varying environmental conditions.

finger press activation button

Easy to use

Timestrip Time labels are easy to use and do not require any specialized training or equipment. The label's clear visual indicator makes it easy to monitor elapsed time, and the label can be attached to almost any surface, including primary products, packaging and equipment. End users can interpret the indicators as easily as supply chain professionals.


Timestrip Time can be customized to meet the specific time monitoring needs of different industries and applications. The label's activation time, elapsed time, and visual indicator can be customized to suit a wide range of products and environments. Customer branding is also available.


Timestrip Time is a cost-effective time monitoring solution compared with other methods such as electronic timers or manual recording. The label's low cost and ease of use make it a practical choice for any organisation that needs to ensure time is monitored effectively.

Contact us today to learn more about how Timestrip Time can benefit your business.

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Custom time and temperature monitoring with Timestrip neo

Our versatile Timestrip neo indicators can be customised for any industry where time and temperature monitoring are essential.

Customization opportunities for our Timestrip neo electronic indicators are nearly endless.

For instance, users can choose from a range of display options, with up to 7 LED lights.

They can also select from a variety of branding options from colors and fonts to logos.


Our Timestrip neo indicators can show elapsed time up to several years, Timestrip neo’s time indication means stock rotation has never been simpler!


Many products require precise temperature monitoring, and that's why our devices can monitor a range of -20°C to +60°C to an accuracy of 0.5°C.

Finally, users can select between different features, such as the ability to display multiple temperature alarms, include a breach timer, or even a temperature integrator.

Read more about our stock Timestrip neo options: the 0.5ºC / 2-8ºC Fridge shipment indicator, the Room Temperature indicator, and the Freeze alarm shipment temperature alert indicator.

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Timestrip neo in the food industry

Timestrip neo time and temperature indicators travel with packed food and provides clear alerts if temperature or shelf life limits have been breached.

Watch our video to see how Timestrip neo works in the food industry:

The Timestrip neo range includes indicators for accidental freezing and for chilled conditions. Read more about Timestrip neo.

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Miele adopts Timestrip technology to ensure consumers get the best out their vacuum cleaners.
London/UK – Miele S8 Silence Plus Allergy model,  features an added value Timestrip solution to alleviate the problem of remembering when to change and replace the all important filter. The S8 unit features the HEPA AirClean filter, a HEPA Class 13 filter which achieves 99.95% filtration and holds back even the most minute particles and pollen, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. Miele has chosen Timestrip to provide the change and replace visual reminder on the HEPA filter cartridge, to provide a clear visual notification of the need to replace the filter. Activating the indicator couldn’t be easier: when fitting a new filter, the user simply presses on a green arrow indicator on the side of the filter housing the Timestrip. This triggers the Timestrip and results in the release of a specially formulated fluid encapsulated into the smart label. As the months pass, red indicator fluid slowly extends across the time check window. After approximately one year, the fluid fills the window and reaches the right-hand end of the strip, prompting the user to replace the saturated filter. According to Miele: “Miele’s HEPA filters are equipped with a Timestrip indicator – this innovative filter replacement reminder is attached directly to the filter. When the bar is completely red, it indicates that the filter is saturated and must be replaced. The Timestrip helps you to keep a check on your filter and ensure that it is functioning at its best.”. Commenting on the Miele project, Timestrip’s Nora Murphy said “This is a great example of a low-cost solution to the age old problem of reminding consumers that components in their products do need changing at the correct interval, and shows how leading brands are choosing Timestrip to help make this a simple, effective and value-adding proposition.”
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Welcoming 2023 at Timestrip

We have an exciting new year ahead filled with new products, news and opportunities!

Happy New Year, from all of us at Timestrip!

We are currently shipping Timestrip neo indicators. Read more about our small electronic time temperature indicators here.

 If our 3 stock products do not suit your needs, talk to us about customising today

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Keeping food safe with Timestrip indicators

Changing seasons, global warming, customs delays – these can all make food supply chain management more of a challenge than ever. Many foodstuffs suffer spoilage if exposed to too high a temperature, but simple tools are available to monitor ambient conditions and provide alerts if breaches to expected conditions are detected.

New regulations make it mandatory to implement formal procedures for food handling. For example, the US FDA will introduce a new food traceability rule in November 2022. 

raw pet food temperature shipments

Timestrip food indicators can:

  • Reduce product spoilage and wastage
  • Help suppliers to comply with local and national regulations
  • Demonstrate a commitment to responsible quality assurance systems and good manufacturing practices

Timestrip liquid-based temperature indicators

8C temperature indicator

Timestrip produces a wide range of indicators based on reliable chemical processes, from the Timestrip PLUS 170 that produces an alert at -20ºC, to the Timestrip PLUS 171 that reacts at 38ºC, there are stock products available to suit every need. For food monitoring, a popular choice is the Timestrip PLUS 065 with an alert set at 8ºC ascending and an indication of how long the set temperature has been breached – up to 8 hours.

The single use indicators are easily activated and read with little or no training required. Some are designed with FDA compliance in mind.

For picking and packing of fresh fruit and vegetables, indicator labels can be attached to punnets for example. Dairy products such as ice cream may use a Timestrip PLUS 058 -14ºC label ascending, and for frozen shipments of any kind, a Timestrip PLUS 077 0ºC ascending indicator is ideal.

24 Month time indicator

Timestrip liquid-based time indicators

For high value goods, a Timestrip Time 24 month time indicator can provide stock rotation / shelf life monitoring for up to 24 months.

A unique serial number on each indicator make these products completely traceable as part of a quality management system.

Food temperature data recording

For applications where a record of temperature data is required, the Timestrip Micro Data Logger TL520 is a compact and economical ‘micro data logger’ that provides alerts when temperatures breach set limits, and allows the logged data to be downloaded to an app for investigation and analysis. Simpler and easier to use than conventional data loggers, the TL520 requires minimal training in use, and can be used at any point in the cold chain.

The 2-8ºC default settings make the TL520 ideal for monitoring cold chain (refrigerated) temperatures in the storage and transport of foods.

Package level electronic monitoring

Timestrip neo indicators are specially designed electronic devices that are cost effective, accurate and reliable, and so support the actions required to manage the food hygiene and safety procedures in food businesses, and ensure that end customers enjoy the highest quality product.

freeze alarm

Timestrip neo indicators:

  • Give accurate and reliable visual alerts to breaches in temperature level and duration
  • Are small and robust enough to travel with the product throughout the supply chain
  • Are suitable for field or factory use - simple to use and read
  • Are much cheaper than conventional data loggers
  • Include a unique serial number printed on each indicator for traceability

The Timestrip neo Fridge TT525-AB stock product indicates at -0.5C, 2C and 8C, with time monitoring for the 8ºC level. It can therefore be ideal for monitoring all types of frozen and chilled foods, fresh fish and other seafood, meat, salads, vegetables etc.

Have questions about monitoring food with Timestrip? Contact us today.

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