Timestrip Technology Takes Another Step Forward

The innovative technology which produces Timestrip’s unique smart labels has taken another step forward. The ‘blister’, or button, which activates the Timestrip® has been moved from the back to the front of the label.

Timestrip® now has the option to manufacture with the blister on the font or the back of the product.  This is a big step in product development terms. With the reverse of the label now completely flat and therefore fully adhesive, it is much easier to integrate Timestrips® as a standard label and into product packaging, a key area for the company.

Timestrip’s ability to measure elapsed time, for periods ranging from just a few minutes to twelve months, and across a wide range of temperatures, gives it huge potential to add value to all kinds of product, from food to cosmetics, household appliances and medicines.

The repositioning of the activating blister onto the front of the label will make Timestrips® even more attractive and easy to implement for major brands.  End-users will benefit too, with the button in a more prominent position and easier to activate.

Timestrip’s unique smart labels automatically monitor elapsed time and can work under a wide variety of conditions, from ambient environments to fridge, freezer and extremely high temperatures. When the label is activated, a food grade liquid travels across it at a consistent rate, giving a clear indication of the amount of time that has passed since the product was opened or first applied.

The technology can work in applied label format as well as being integrated into products or packaging. The accuracy of the labels is unaffected by the repositioning of the blister and the development applies to all labels across the range.

“With the back of the labels now flat and having a fully adhesive option, it will be much easier to integrate Timestrips® into product packaging,” says Reuben Isbitsky, Timestrip’s Joint CEO. “Timestrips® can now be more readily accepted into production lines and the development means we are moving forward on other packaging innovations, such as integrating labels into the lids of tubs and jars. It just makes everything easier.”

Growth for the smart active and intelligent labels market is forecast to be huge over the next few years: up to 1.8 billion labels a year by 2010. Brand owners and label printers alike are keen to learn how the available technologies can benefit their businesses.

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