Why Choose Blood Temp 6?

  •   Red cell blood storage

  •   Display of essential breach data

  •   Inert until activation

Blood Temp 6 Indicator

6°C / 43°F

  • for blood storage
  • confirmation of breach
  • activation blister on top

Blood Temp 6 Information

Designed for quick interpretation

Easy Activation

Timestrip® Blood Temp 6 is inert prior to activation. They can be shipped and stored at ambient temperatures and have no special storage requirements. Activation is possible only when the surrounding temperature is above the stated threshold temperature.

Blood Temp 6 has two windows: an activation window that is yellow prior to activation and a breach window that is white prior to activation. Field activate at room temperature.

Firmly squeeze the blister located on top of the indicator.

Once activated, a green activation line appears in the yellow activation window and continues to fill the window turns completely green. The breach window will remain white.

The Timestrip® Blood Temp 6 can be directly applied by removing the adhesive liner on the back.

Clear Communication

Once activated, Blood Temp 6 will continuously monitor temperature.

When the core temperature of the blood bag breaches 6°C for Blood Temp 6 an immediate indication of temperature abuse is recorded:

Indication of arming window will remain green, while the breach window will turn blue.

The breach window is irreversible and cannot be reset / changed.


Red Blood Cells

Unsure if bags of blood were stored in unsafe temperatures? Don’t rely on guesswork. Instead, choose Blood Temp 6.

Our Blood Temp 6 offers simple quality assurance for monitoring temperature of whole blood, RBCs and plasma stored in a blood bank and hospital refrigerator or temporary storage.

With a squeeze of a button, Blood Temp 6 is activated and indicates simply and clearly if the core temperature of the blood has risen above the threshold temperature. Accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees C.

Blood banks can use the serialised indicators to see blood was kept within safe limits and/or auditable proof a temperature breach.

Unambiguous temperature breach reading
Time elapsed from the breach is indicated by blue in the 2nd window.

Save Money
Reducing your loss rate by 8% pays for total investment and a conservative 25% reduction doubles your return

Save Time
No temperature controlled storage

Save Blood
Remove the ambiguity of temperature abuse and return stock safely

Has the blood been stored properly?”
Blood Temp 6 provides vital indication of the core temperature of blood bags by visually alerting when a breach occurs.

Blood Supply Compliance – Delivered

Ensure Compliance

  •  Visual indication of length of breach
  •  Irreversible indicators can not be reset
  •  Unit level serialization for traceability

Save Blood, Save Time, Save Money

  •  No temperature abuse ambiguity
  •  Can be stored at ambient temperature

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Technical Documents & Information


For specifications or more detailed information, please contact us!


Type Irreversible, single use
Size 33mm x 19mm
Activation Feature A manual activation button on the top – the ‘ON’ window turn from yellow to green to confirm it is armed.
Breach Indication A blue colour appears in the viewing window if a breach of the threshold temperature has occurred.
Temperature Accuracy 5° – 6°C /41°F – 43°F
Recommended Storage Store indoors, at room temperature up to 30°C
Packaging Singles in batches of 100 indicators. Labelled with expiry and batch number.
Shipping Package Requirements No special requirements as inert until activated.
Protection Splash proof
Shelf life 2 years from manufacturing date
Quality Assurance Produced under ISO9001:2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Blood Temp 6

Use a cold pack!
We recommend getting one from the freezer. Anything colder than 3 degrees Celsius will do, but really the colder the better to last longer.
Set up a staging area near the blood-bag fridge and close to the time of use.
We highly recommend placing the blood bags that are being prepared on a refrigerated cold pack, as the ambient temperature of the room and direct contact with a warm counter warms up a blood bag above 6 C surprisingly quickly.

Activate the BT6, and leaving the adhesive liner on, place on the cold-pack. Feel free to do this with as many indicators as you would like to use in a given batch application session. Dependent on the cold-pack’s temperature and size, the activated BT6 indicators can stay on the cold pack for many minutes and even hours without showing a breach in the run-out window.
As soon as the BT6 indicator needs to be applied to the blood-bag, take the indicator from the cold pack, peel the adhesive liner off and simply adhere firmly to the blood-bag.

Remember – We always supply 1 to 2 extra products free of charge, so good to use for testing or practice!

Please note that this is only really needed for Blood Temp 6 Indicators, due to the particularly low temperature being monitored. Timestrip’s Blood Temp 10 indicators can just be activated and applied to a cold blood bag. Absolutely nothing else required.

Because we like our customers!

You can use these free products for testing, training, validation, or just to save money. In the unlikely case any got damaged along the way or someone just wanted to try one, there is no need to get in touch, although we’re always happy to hear from our customers.

Personally, we think that all companies should give stuff away for free!

Yes. Orientation has no impact on the way it works.

We find that placing on a very cold coolpack works really well. The colder the better, ideally having been in a freezer.
Squeeze the Blood Temp Indicators and then place on the coolpack , leaving the adhesive liner on the Blood Temp Indicator.
The activated product can stay on the coolpack for a very long time. We recommended to have this prep area close to the blood-bag fridge and near to the time of use.
Then, when the blood bag or blood bags have been prepared for the Blood Temp indicator, simply remove its adhesive liner and adhere to the blood-bag.

Extra tip: Blood bags can warm up surprisingly quickly when placed on an counter in a room temperature environment. To keep them cool longer, while preparing them, lay them on a coolpack as well.

That is normal, and as it should be. It goes a bit lighter green because the liquid inside has solidified and contracts slightly within the pore structure, making it appear a lighter shade.

No, unlike some other blood bag temperature indicators, Blood Temp can be stored at ambient temperatures and activated only when needed.

The expiry date is provided for each batch of products supplied. You will find it on a label on each box together with the batch coding we use for traceability.

If stored under the correct conditions, this is highly unlikely to happen, but if it does, the built-in activation window lets you know it. If this happens, don’t use the indicator and select another. There is no need to contact us, as we ship 1 or 2 extra indicators per pack free of charge anyway.

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Contact us today to receive more information about Timestrip Blood Temp 6 indicators on our contact page.

This product is not a replacement for the professional judgment of laboratory/blood bank professionals and/or policies and procedures that are applicable to your institution.

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