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Cost effective monitoring in Pharmacies

Pharmacies handle many sensitive drugs and other medications. These require careful storage and handling to ensure their potency is not compromised.

Timestrip® Plus temperature indicators show whether a temperature breach has occurred, and for how long.

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Use Timestrip temperature indicators for reliable monitoring

Pharmacists can show compliance with drug temperature guidelines
Drug potency is ensured with no loss of opportunity to treat condition
Patient safety is not compromised by temperature breaches

In many regions, home delivery is increasing, leading to even more risk of temperature excursions beyond specification. With Timestrip indicators on the packaging:

Patients have direct confirmation that drugs were stored and transported under the correct temperature conditions
Any detected breach can be reported to the pharmacist for further instructions

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Timestrip temperature indicators form part of a best practice quality system for today’s pharmacies. Fill out the form below to discuss how Timestrip can work for your pharmacy:


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