The smart way to monitor ascending and descending temperature breaches in cold chain

Unlike other cold chain technologies, Timestrip temperature monitoring labels remain completely inert prior to use and can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature – ready for activation at the appropriate time, removing the impracticalities and costs associated with storing temperature loggers in their own temperature controlled environment. See how they compare >> Timestrip indicators are widely seen as the most cost-effective solution in the market and represent a break-through in cold chain management. To find out how Timestrip can bring cost and operational efficiencies to your cold chain logistics, see products below or contact us today.
Timestrip Plus™

The Timestrip Plus™ indicator range monitor breaches in ascending temperatures and show clearly the duration of that excursion. These indicators are vital if product quality or safety is compromised by longer than acceptable excursions.

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Timestrip Duo™

Timestrip Duo™ temperature indicators are cumulative breach indicators which show exursions over lower and upper breach temperatures and were specifically calibrated to follow the WHO guidelines for medicine and vaccine cold chain.

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Timestrip Duo vaccine monitoring