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Timestrip Blood Temp – Nonreversible Temperature Indicator


6°C Nonreversible Blood Storage

Temperature Indicator

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10°C Nonreversible Blood Transit

Temperature Indicator

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With the push of a button, Blood Temp is activated and indicates simply and clearly if the core temperature of the blood has risen above the threshold temperature.

Improved Blood Temperature Monitoring:

Our Blood Temp nonreversible blood bag temperature indicators monitor temperature compliance in blood bags. It is especially relevant for monitoring blood temperature during transit from the highly controlled environment of the blood bank to use or store in a different destination, such as a hospital.

This video shows blood being monitored by Timestrip indicators at a Belgium Military Hospital. For more information see our case study.

tick improve compliance
promotes accountability during transport
tick easy to use
compared to other similar products, Blood Temp 10 is activated with a simple push of a button
tick save blood
remove the ambiguity of temperature abuse and return stock safely
tick save money
discounts with volume. Cost-effective as no other consumables or storage costs necessary.
tick save time
no preparation, preheating or temperature controlled storage – ready to use from ambient
  • Simple to use
  • Improve compliance
  • Reducing your loss rate by 8% pays for total investment
  • A conservative 25% reduction doubles your return
  • Avoid additional unforeseen costs
Features Benefits
Patented field activation Low cost shipping and storage requirements
Indication of arming On window after blister push
Unit level serialization Allows for individual product tracking and lot tractability
Highly accurate Proven in both lab testing and real world applications
Splash proof High moisture does not affect product stability, accuracy or structure
Customization Temperature and design flexibility
ISO13485_2003_400x400This product has been manufactured under the controls established by a IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 13485:2003 under certificate number: I9934.


Timestrip is dedicated to maintaining the highest efficiency and responsiveness in achieving our ultimate goal – Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

What is Blood Temp 10?
Timestrip® Blood Temp 10 a single use temperature indicator in a self-adhesive label format.  It provides proof of meeting AABB Standards and the FDA’s CFR 600.15(a) for monitoring temperature of whole blood during transportation and storage. FDA 510(k) #BK150289
Do I need to pre-condition Blood Temp 10 prior to activation?
Absolutely not! Unlike some other threshold temperature products, Blood Temp 10 do not require pre-conditioning. Just activate Blood Temp 10 at any temperature above 10°C/50°F as you cannot squeeze the dye out of the blister if it is in solid form. You then simply need to adhere the Timestrip onto a pre-chilled blood bag, whose temperature will immediately solidify the dye and track any 10 degree temperature breaches.
Why choose Blood Temp 10 over other blood bag indicators?
You really need to try them (for free, of course) to really appreciate how easy they are to use.  Timestrip Blood Temp 10 have the same or better accuracy than other indicators on the market, are FDA cleared, but where they are different from other indicators:   Blood Temp 10 are simpler and faster to store, to use, and even cost a bit less, saving you time, money and effort.
Why does Timestrip give away 1 or 2 free products with every pack of 100?
Because we like our customers! You can use these free products for testing, training, validation, or just to save money. In the unlikely case any got damaged along the way or someone just wanted to try one, there is no need to get in touch, although we're always happy to hear from our customers. Personally, we think that all companies should give stuff away for free!
Can Timestrips be used in any direction / orientation?
Yes.  Orientation has no impact on the way it works.
Why does the activation window turn dark green, but then a lighter green when back in the fridge?
That is normal, and as it should be. It goes a bit lighter green because the liquid inside has solidified and contracts slightly within the pore structure, making it appear a lighter shade.
Do Blood Temp Products have any special storage requirements before activation?
No, unlike some other blood bag temperature indicators, Blood Temp 10 can be stored at ambient temperatures and activated only when needed.
Do Blood Temp indicators have a shelf-life?
The expiry date is provided for each batch of products supplied.  You will find it on a label on each box together with the batch coding we use for traceability.
What type of adhesive is used?
The Blood Temp 10 adhesive is intended for labels to be used on blood bags. Request the MSDS for more details.
Why is there an activation window and a breach window?
The activation window gives an immediate confirmation that the indicator is armed as it turns from yellow to green. If this doesn’t happen immediately, then fully re-squeeze the button between thumb and finger. The breach/indication window (white with a red border) is separate so that you can clearly see if there has been a breach of the 10°C/50°F temperature threshold. If no breach has occurred the window will remain white. It will turn blue if there is a breach.
What does a partial colouration of the indication window mean?
Any blue colouration of the indication window (partial or full) denotes a temperature breach of 10°C.
What if one of the indicators in the box is showing the indication window already blue before I’ve squeezed it?
If stored under the correct conditions, this is highly unlikely to happen, but if it does, the built-in activation window lets you know it. If this happens, don't use the indicator and select another. There is no need to contact us, as we ship 1 or 2 extra indicators per pack free of charge anyway.

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