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Timestrip time and temperature monitoring
Timestrip indicator labels are single use, low cost, patented technology diffusing liquid through a viewing window to reveal how much time has passed since activation or temperature breach

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Shows length of time vaccines are out of fridge
vaccine out of fridge

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Timestrip Applications
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eTimestrip App for pdf reporting
Download our eTimestrip app today. It is compatible with most of our electronic indicators and can be used to generate data report PDF and CSVs to save and share.

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Timestrip neo
Electronic indicator with 3 temperatures
Timestrip neo
Timestrip neo TT525

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Timestrip Applications
Timestrip News

Virus Specimen Transport

Indicator Labels
Specially formulated to provide quality control resolutions for clinical virus specimens, complying with required monitoring guidelines by FDA & WHO.
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Unambiguous Monitoring
Time elapsed from the breach is indicated by blue in the 2nd window
Unique serial number on each indicator
Activation Feature
Can be shipped and stored at ambient temperatures
Customisation Possibilities
Products and carrying cards to best represent your brand
Timestrip Virus Specimen Transport indicators
Breach time
Used in
timestrip tti
VST 477
2-8°C Integrating Thermal Abuse
19mm x 32mm
True 2-8°C TTI
frozen virology specimen transport
VST 480
Thaw Event Monitoring
19mm x 32mm
Frozen Shipments
virology specimen transport
VST 53°C
VST 417
Exposure Monitoring
19mm x 32mm
Specimen Shipments
virology specimen fridge storage
VST Fridge Combi
VST 482
8°C temperature, 72 Hour time
19mm x 32mm
Pharma Cold Chain

Timestrip Specimen Transport Monitoring

True TTI
These small/compact label indicators provide a reliable way to follow virology testing kits environmental conditions together with a distinct indication in case regulated limitations are breached.

Together they form an essential tool to support hospitals, surgeries and medical laboratories in storing and transporting virus specimens correctly and preserving the integrity of the specimens, so that test results are meaningful.

The VST series includes a unique integrating Time-Temperature Indicator (TTI) showing the accumulated thermal history at a wide range of temps, starting from regulated chilling temps and up to extreme hot temps above 70°C. All in a single TTI indicator.

virology specimen swab temperature
virology shipment solutions
Choosing Indicator labels over data loggers
Clinical virus specimens are subject to careful quality control procedures covering transport and storage to ensure that subsequent laboratory test results are meaningful.

Timestrip VST offers you unit level monitoring. They can be shipped in the box with the specimens. They are low cost and single use. No extra disinfectant protocols or return shipping needed.

Irreversible Timestrip VST TTIs can be read with a glance. When temperature breaches occur, the TTIs show the cumulative time the specimens have been exposed to elevated temperatures. This means everyone along the cold chain can check the status of the shipment, without any special equipment.
Timestrip Virus Specimen Transport Documentation
Timestrip Virus Specimen Transport Specifications
Irreversible, single use
32mm x 19mm or 40mm x 19mm
Activation Feature
A manual activation - button on the top, 53°C is button on bottom
Breach Indication
Blue colour appears in breach window
Quality Assurance
Produced under ISO9001:2015
Recommended Storage
Room temperature: 22°C/72°F at 20-80% humidity. Cool dark environment.
Shipping Requirement
No special requirements as they are inert until activated
Shelf Life
3 years from the date of manufacture OR  Expiry Date on each pack
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