Timestrip Complete

Timestrip® Complete is a cold chain product that actively monitors high and low threshold temperature breaches.

Combining the Timestrip® PLUS ascending temperature monitoring indicator with the FCP™ descending temperature indicator technology, Timestrip® Complete gives you true 2-8°C temperature monitoring – from one supplier with one innovative solution.

Designed for vaccine storage and transport temperature monitoring, our Timestrip® Complete to confirm whether they have been exposed to hazardous conditions.  

We have effectively removed the need for cold chain managers to source different products from different suppliers, saving both time and money.

Supplied on a convenient card, the single use, irreversible indicators  provide auditable proof that a temperature breach has occurred.

image_8C BOT TSP-065-02-02
The FCP™ indicates when descending temperature abuse occurs below its threshold, and the Timestrip® PLUS indicates when cumulative temperature abuse occurs, ascending above its threshold.

With this card, vaccines can be monitored throughout the supply chain to ensure they are kept within the required range of 2°C to 8°C.freeze_check_plus_portfolio

Upon receipt, end users will have an immediate, visual pass or fail confirmation of exposure to temperature excursions, indicating if vaccine efficacy and safety have been compromised.

The Timestrip® Complete includes complete, easy-to-understand instructions for shippers to activate the labels, and for receivers to read results when a card is removed from the shipment.

Use Timestrip Complete™ to help monitor temperature-sensitive shipments including vaccines, drugs, blood products, implants, diagnostic substances, ophthalmic solutions, intraocular lenses food, and chemicals.

Highly Accurate
Indicator window on Timestrip PLUS confirms activation, to let you know the product is ‘on’
Unique serial code printed on each Timestrip PLUS indicator for traceability
Long shelf life
Customized product & carrying cards available to distinguish your company or your customer
Water Resistant
Environmentally friendly

Timestrip Complete 2°C – 8°C
2°C / 36°F, 8°C / 46°F
Activation confirmation windows
Unique serial number