Virus Specimen Extreme Heat Exposure

monitor exposure of virology specimens in transport and storage

Timestrip VST 53°C

According to WHO regulations, specimens may be stored/transported chilled between (2-8°C) for up to 72 hours after collection. In addition, Virology specimen collection guidelines state similarly, that “most viruses remain stable at 4°C for 2-3 days.”
However, although viruses are highly stable at chilled temperatures, it was reported that when exposed to temperatures above 50-55°C coronavirus specimens become non-infectious within a short timeframe (hours).

Timestrip VST 53°C was developed to follow the required extreme hot Temperature limitations.

Timestrip VST for Transport

Virology specimens are most at risk of being exposed to extreme temperature during transport. Reportedly, viruses may become inactive when exposed to temperatures above 50-55°C.

Extreme temperature abuse should be monitored to ensure the highest quality control of viral specimens.


Timestrip VST 53°C has been developed to follow these higher temperature limitations. At a threshold level of 53°C (+/- 1.5°C), the indicator will trigger and indicate the duration of abuse.

The clear, irreversible indicator provides peace of mind that viral specimens are suitable for reliable testing. The indicator will stop when the temperature drops below 50°C. It has a time run-out of 2 hours.

Timestrip VST (Virus Specimen Transport) series has been specially formulated to provide an adequate quality control resolution for proper transport/storage of clinical viral specimens.

What makes Timestrip VST unique?

  •  Irreversible temperature breach indicator

  •  Indicates duration of temperature breach on a specimen

  •  Designed aligning to WHO regulations

  •  Unique serial numbers for trackability

Why choose Timestrip VST over a digital data logger?

Timestrip VST offers individual test kit monitoring. The irreversible indicator can be attached to specimens or added to the specimen’s box. Each indicator has a unique serial number for traceability.

They are low cost and single use monitors- no extra disinfectant protocols or return shipping needed.

Additionally, irreversible Timestrip VST range can be read at a glance. When temperature breaches occur, the indicator will show the cumulative time that the specimen has been exposed to temperatures outside of advised temperature ranges. This very clearly and easily informs healthcare professional & lab technicians of the status of the specimen.

Timestrip VST Extreme Heat Range

VST 53°C

  • Temperature breach 53°C / 127°F
  • for viral specimen storage / transport
  • Up to 4 Hour temperature breach run out window

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How VST 53°C works

active extreme heat indicatorSimple to use: peel & adhere

Timestrip VST 53°C indicators are always active.

Peel off the backing liner from the indicator and firmly adhere VST 53°C label to the packaged clinical specimen.

extreme heat temperature breachTemperature Breach Indication

VST label window remains white if temperature is kept below 53°C.
Any blue coloration of the indication window indicates temperatures have risen above 53°C.

Timestrip VST Technical Documents & Information


Type irreversible single use TTI
Temperature accuracy ± 1.5ºC
Time Accuracy ± 15 % under isothermal conditions
Splash proof Not suitable for immersion in water
Activation Type Always active
Color of progressing front Blue
Storage Conditions Store indoors, at room temperature up to 30°C
Shelf Life 2 Years


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