Vaccine Transportation & Storage Solutions

Temperature & Time monitoring for coronavirus vaccines

Coronavirus Vaccine Temperature Solutions

Timestrip’s line of time and temperature solutions for coronavirus storage & temperature monitoring are designed to align with vaccine manufacturer stability validations

These small and compact label indicators provide a reliable way to follow frozen vaccines when they are placed in refrigerated and room temperature environments.

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Timestrip Benefits

  •   Clear, irreversible indication

  •   Designed to align with manufacturers guidelines

  •   Unique serial numbers for traceability

  •   Simple to use single use indicator

  •   Cost effective solutions for temperature monitoring


Timestrip indicators provide a clear irreversible indication to healthcare staff that conditions of storage and handling have exceed acceptable conditions, and that the vaccine consignment cannot be relied upon.


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Timestrip Vaccine Temperature Solutions Range

2 Hour Thaw Timer

  • for thaw event monitoring when vaccines rise above 0°C
  • 2 hour time window

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Vaccine Thaw Timer 24 Hour

  • for thaw event monitoring after move from freezer to fridge
  • 24 hour monitoring

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Vaccine Thaw Timer 48 Hour

  • for thaw event monitoring after move from freezer to fridge
  • 24 hour monitoring

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30 Day Fridge

  • for monitoring fridge storage of vaccines
  • 30 day time window

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Out of Fridge Timer

  • for last mile monitoring after vaccine removed from fridge
  • 12 hour monitoring

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Fridge Temperature Monitor

  • for indicating time refrigerated vaccines spend above 8°C
  • 12 hour monitoring

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Looking for other solutions to monitor your time and temperature COVID-19 response?

Timestrip has developed a wide range of solutions for time and temperature monitoring for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life science industries.

We have accomplished many bespoke builds of indicators for clients who want something specific that is not available through regular channels in sourcing temperature solutions.

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