Timestrip Time Indicators

Visual reminders of replacement, service and maintenance schedules

Why Choose Timestrip Time Indicators?

Accurate and reliable, Timestrips® contribute to a more positive experience for the consumer and help ensure optimum performance from appliances that need replacement indicators or service reminder indicators in order to function effectively.

Timestrip Time Indicator Range

1 Hour

  • for diagnostic tests
  • 1 hour run out window
  • activation blister on top

Timestrip TS310 Sample

12 Hour

  • for diagnostic tests
  • 12 hour run out window
  • activation blister on top

Timestrip TS311 Sample

7 Day

  • Pharma Ward Use, Healthcare product changes, Medical Devices
  • 7 Day run out window
  • activation blister on top

Timestrip TS311 Sample

1 Month

  • for product replacement
  • 1 Month run out window
  • activation blister on top

Timestrip TS201 Sample

3 Month

  • for hospital fixtures
  • 3 month run out window
  • activation blister on bottom

Timestrip TS172 Sample

6 Month

  • for repeat service
  • 3 month run out window
  • activation blister on top

Timestrip TS019 Sample

12 Month

  • for replacement, repeat services
  • 12 Month run out window
  • activation blister on bottom

Timestrip TS121 Sample

24 Month

  • for healthcare replacement
  • 2 year run out window
  • activation blister on bottom

Timestrip TS374 Sample

Technology for easy use

Ease of use

Timestrip® Time indicators are small, tamper-proof, and inert prior to activation. Timestrip® Time windows are white before activation.

Activate at room temperature, no pre-conditioning is required.

Clear Activation

Timestrip Time indicators are small, tamper-proof labels that are irreversibly activated by finger pressure.

For blister on top products: Firmly squeeze the blister on top of the indicator.

For blister on bottom products: Firmly squeeze the blister on the bottom of the indicator.

Once activated, an activation line appears in the window and continues to fill the window with colour. The Timestrip can be directly applied by removing the adhesive liner on the back.

Simple Communication

Once ‘ON’ a safe dye migrates along a display window, showing elapsed time in a range from days to 12 months.

The patent protected technology has no moving partsand requires no power source.

How long has a product been in use?”
Knowing how long a product can be used after opening is important. Seeing how long is left before replacement is better. Timestrip offers a visual cue that reminds customers to replace, service or maintain a product.


Timestrip Time indicators are perfect for products that have:

  •  A limited active life
  •  No accurate way of identifying when the effective time has passed
  •  A built-in component that needs to be replaced at regular intervals
  •  Service or maintenance schedule that will impair performance if not followed
  •  Compliance related warranty
  •  After market service team that needs to be kept busy
  •  End users that don’t contact you to renew products / services
  •  Compliance rules for reading / replacing

Consumers benefit from noticeably better performance and ultimately a longer-lasting and more efficient appliance. Brands benefit from increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, higher levels of repeat purchases and enhanced brand value.

See how Timestrip time indicators were customized especially for 3M Filtrete water filters on our case study page here.

Use Cases


Timestrip’s unique ‘end-of-life’ indicators clearly show how long a filter has been in use.They prompt consumers to replace or service filter components, giving them improved appliance performance and encouraging higher levels of purchases and service use.

With minimal cost to the brand, there are many benefits to adopting Timestrip indicators, especially when integrating it into product packaging. 3M (see case study) and Whirlpool (see case study) are some of the leading brands who have added value to their filter products by integrating the technology.

Consumers complying with recommended replacement cycles purchase filters regularly, resulting in higher repeat sales. They need no batteries, can not be reset once activated and have no shelf-life requirements, ensuring more reliable monitoring of service cycles than their electronic counterparts.


Timestrip time indicators have been used to alert healthcare staff when equipment such as hospital curtains are
due for replacement. These curtains and other semi-fixtures can carry bacteria and viruses, facilitating their transmission as individuals come into contact with them on a regular basis.

Filters for Personal Protection Equipment face masks require regular replacement to maintain their efficacy, and
time indicators can provide reassurance and alert staff when their supplies need to be changed.

Hand sanitisers are a familiar feature of healthcare settings these days, but after opening, they have a finite shelf life before replacement is required; Timestrip time indicators can be affixed at the individual product level and activated when opening.

Personal Care

Bacteria breeds as efficiently in cosmetics as anywhere else, but convincing consumers of the limited shelf-life of their make-up has always been a challenge. Now there’s Timestrip®, which when added to packaging, provide a clear visual indication of when an item should be discarded and replaced.

Using Timestrip® will encourage consumers to comply with replacement guidelines. The Period After Opening (PaO) symbol already tells consumers how long a product will last once it is open, but Timestrip® provides the crucial bit of information: when it was first opened. Adding Timestrips® to packaging or integrating them into the packaging itself offers consumers an easy to use, easy to read and accurate indication of how old their cosmetics actually are.

Lipsticks and glosses– repeated exposure to bacteria from the mouth and temperature fluctuations experienced during life in a handbag mean these products should be replaced regularly.

Mascara and eye pencils– with a shorter recommended shelf-life than other cosmetics, out-of-date products can produce infections.

Foundation– the liquid variety especially, as it has a shorter recommended PaO.

Natural or organic cosmetics– fewer preservatives or none at all means a shorter shelf-life than conventional products and potentially higher levels of bacteria.

Temperature-sensitive products– Timestrips accelerate at higher temperatures, indicating if a product’s shelf life has been affected by warmer conditions.


Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months. Toothbrushes used after 3 months become worn and much less effective at removing plaque which can lead to dental health problems.

Timestrip® is a small, easy to read indicator that once activated will show the consumer when it is time to replace their toothbrush. Tesco partnered with Timestrip® to develop their very own Timestrip® toothbrush with a 3 month indicator inside the handle of the toothbrush.

The Timestrip® designed specifically for toothbrushes. Once activated, a red line will appear in the activation circle, followed by the word ‘on’. Once activated, the white strip will turn red and the word ‘replace’ will slowly be revealed. When 3 months is up, the word replace is fully visible and it is time to replace your brush.

The Tesco Range is complete with a bespoke designed brush with PP/PETG handle material, single injection elastomer and specific head profiles using DuPont filaments. The Tesco Timestrip® brushes come in a range of styles for your dental needs: The Timestrip® Massager, Deep Clean and Whitening. They are packed in branded PP tray in a coordinated colour.

The Timestrip® toothbrushes :
• Increase repeat purchases
• Improve customer confidence in the product
• Encourage trade up into premium tier brushes
• Help to educate consumers as to the benefits of a good oral health regimen


Our time monitoring customers

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Technical Documents & Information


Type Irreversible, single use
Size 40mm x 19mm for standard indicators
Activation Feature A manual activation button on the top (12 & 24 months button is on the back). A coloured line appears to show it is armed.
Breach Indication The colour progresses along time markers in the viewing window.
Usage Stock products are calibrated for an average temperature environment of 22°C/72°F.
Time Accuracy +/-15% in isothermal conditions
Recommended Storage Room temperature: 22°C/72°F at 20-80% humidity. Cool dark environment.
Packaging Sealed bag with 500 indicators. Labelled with batch number and manufacturing date.
Shipping Package Requirements No special requirements as inert until activated.
Protection Splash proof
Shelf life 3 years from manufacturing date.
Quality Assurance Produced under ISO9001:2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Indicators

If the Timestrip® is not being integrated into the product itself, and is being used as a ‘label’, then it is very straightforward. We need to know:

  • Duration of the Timestrip® (from 5 minutes to several years) and the temperature environment it will be calibrated for, such as room
    temperature or refrigerator.
  • Graphic concepts, layout and branding guides Adhesive requirements. (What will it be stuck to? Do you need adhesive? Will you use a carrying card? Do you want a key chain?)
  • If the Timestrip® is being integrated into the product itself, the first step is for us to look at the actual product or CAD design. We are happy to supply a Non-Disclosure Agreement to maintain confidentiality. We will then propose a feasible design for the Timestrip®.

We have our own design facility so creating the surface graphics, working on design layouts and finalising artwork is all part of the service. We’ll need your logo artwork in a vector file format like .ai or .eps, (not a .jpg or bitmap) and any brand guidelines or draft layouts you can provide. If you need to match production inks to brand colours we can send you a swatch book to specify the closest colour match. You’ll be pleased to know we never go to full print and production without clients approving digital proofs first.

Yes, this is one of our strongest points of differentiation vs. other products. Timestrip® Indicators can be loaded bulk, orientated and ready to be custom applied and even activated inline if the application warrants it. The video shows one of our solutions. Production Line Feeder

Timestrip® time indicators are patented, single use disposable visual reminder that can be stuck directly onto a product or device. Each Timestrip® acts as a simple visual reminder to replace an expired product or carry out a task, like maintaining a machine or checking results from a test. We have a stock range of products that includes from 30 minutes up to 12 months and many common reminder times in between. Subject to minimum order quantities, Timestrips® can be custom made for any elapsed time period between 5 minutes and 4 years.

Because we like our customers!

You can use these free products for testing, training, validation, or just to save money. In the unlikely case any got damaged along the way or someone just wanted to try one, there is no need to get in touch, although we’re always happy to hear from our customers.

Personally, we think that all companies should give stuff away for free!

Yes. Orientation has no impact on the way it works.

A tinted liquid gradually moves through a white viewing window at a pre-calibrated rate. You can read how long the Timestrip® has been active by seeing how far the colour has progressed along the time markers that are printed by the window. When the colour reaches the end of the window, the full time has elapsed and this is the signal to carry out your task or replace a product.
When you want to start monitoring elapsed time, activate the Timestrip® by fully squeezing the button between a thumb and finger. An activation line will appear to show that the Timestrip® is working. This line typically appears in a few seconds but can be up to a few minutes in
Timestrips® that measure in months and years. Stick the Timestrip® on or near to the product or device it is monitoring and look at it occasionally so you can see when time is up.
Dispose of the Timestrip® once the colour has reached the end of the window and activate a new Timestrip® to start monitoring the next product or device.

After squeezing the button flat a line will emerge in the window to show that the Timestrip® is activated. If the activation line is already present before you activate it, then discard that indicator and take another.

Yes. Please contact us for the MSDS for further information.
In the unlikely event that the liquid leaks from the Timestrip® and comes into contact with skin, simply wash with soap and water. If the liquid comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

This is highly unlikely, but if so, it is likely due to physical force in transit. We ship many of our products in bags, to minimize shipping costs and packaging materials. Discard the indicator and select another. There is no need to contact us, as we ship a few extra free products in every 100 count anyway.

Timestrips® are not designed to be submerged in water, but they are very splash-proof and can be immersed in water for short periods without any effect.

Timestrips® can be stored for 3 years after they leave our factory and require no special storage conditions. Some indicators can have much longer shelf-lives, depending on their configuration.

Lead time on custom time indicators please allow 12 weeks from receipt of order, down payment, and sign-off of graphics. There is a lot that goes into making a unique Timestrip® indicator!

This depends on the duration of the Timestrip®, but our standard format is 19 x 40mm. Subject to the life of the Timestrip® we also can tool-up to create completely new shapes for you, subject to technical limitations.

Timestrips® are printed by using a masking effect over the timer so we have to use special colours. This means that we work better with darker colours and cannot achieve pure whites and yellows. A good guideline is to use colours with 10% black equivalent to them.
If your project is for higher volume, we are able to use a different type of print process, which enables more options on the lighter colours. We will help you every step of the way with developing a great look for your personalised time indicator.

Due to the manufacturing processes involved it is not possible to supply custom made, fully functioning samples in small quantities. We provide digital proofs, showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ read-outs so you can see what an active Timestrip® will look like and we can also send you a variety of existing products with artwork, if you need to show functionality and check dimensions.
If actual samples of your finished product are absolutely necessary, we would have to do a proper production run with associated costs and lead times.

This depends on how many elements are customised and to what extent. For example, using a stock 3 month Timestrip® as the basic product and changing only the graphic print will be less additional cost than a bespoke shape, graphic and elapsed time. Each project is quoted according to volume, specification and lead time requirements.
A one off set-up cost will cover tooling and development and on-going production costs will depend on the complexity of the specification.

Yes, that is possible on custom products, subject to minimum order quantities. In addition to printing your logo and messaging, a small, discreet Timestrip® logo will also be placed on the product, due to copyrighting. We proudly co-brand with some of the best and most recognised brands in the world.

It is not possible to post-print a logo to an existing stock time or temperature indicator.

Timestrip® only records the passage of time after it is activated. It can be used as a reminder for you to check quality or fitness of purpose of a good or material but it does not monitor anything other than the progress of time.

Our Timestrip® colourant is red for indicators that monitor days to years, and blue for Timestrips® that monitor minutes to hours.

Yes! Our stock products take advantage of lower unit costs and lead times but if your requirements exceed 100,000 units per order we can work with you to create a fully customised product.
Most elements of Timestrip® can be adapted to suit your needs: different shapes, sizes, customer colours and logos; elapsed time periods from 5 minutes to several years; adapted for a different average temperature environment; supplied with a wide range of perm-peel or permanent adhesives or without adhesive; supplied in a key chain, on a roll, loose, in poly bags or custom packs; on a carrying card.
We can work with your product design teams to explore how custom products can be integrated into products, replacement parts or devices with or without auto-activation. Integration encourages compliance with recommended replacement cycles and thus increases purchase frequency.
A small Timestrip® logo appears on all our Stock and Custom products.

Yes, and it is a tiny amount and fully encapsulated within the product. Please see our MSDS for further information. In the highly unlikely event that the liquid leaks from the Timestrip® and comes into contact with skin, simply wash with soap and water. If the liquid comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice

Timestrips® are accurate to within +/- 15% depending on the model, provided they are used in line with the stated average temperature. If the product is stored at a higher than intended temperature the colour will advance at a faster rate than expected, and for lower than intended temperatures at a slower rate. For detailed technical information please contact us.
Altitude does not affect accuracy.

The Accepted Failure Rate is based on ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (formally MIL-STD-105E) Level II Normal Inspection. Packs are over shipped by 2-3 units per 100 to cover this AQL.

Central to this process are tests against defined specifications for; how quickly the dye progresses through the membrane, environment sensitivity (high heat and vacuum tests to check resilience to harsh conditions during shipping) and also the accuracy of the threshold melting point. A full pack of release reports is provided with each shipment. Further details are available on request.

Yes. Please contact us for the MSDS for further information. We only use food-grade oils and non-toxic colourants in our formulation.

In the unlikely event that the liquid leaks from the indicator and comes into contact with skin, simply wash with soap and water. If the liquid comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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