Electronic Timestrip Complete Indicators

Have items spent too long out of refrigeration temperatures during shipping?

The electronic Timestrip Complete line monitors the 2-8°C cold chain range for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food, chemicals, adhesives and inks.

There are two options for monitoring. The TC490 is an electronic indicator with LED notification. The TC489 is an LED notification indicator that uses NFC technology to connect with our eTimestrip app for PDF report downloading.

Electronic Timestrip Complete Indicators


  • for 2°C-8°C shipments
  • LED indicator
  • Operating range -10°C to 50°C

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  • for 2°C-8°C transports
  • NFC indicator with App
  • Measuring range -30°C to 60°C

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Cold chain technology

Electronic Timestrip Complete indicators are highly versatile. They can be attached to products on unit, case or pallet level. These LED temperature breach indicators tracking any breach of temperature outside the designated range. This helps manufacturers and logistics staff to safeguard product quality and meet regulations.

    •  LEDs provide simple and immediate temperature breach notification

    •  No special training required to use

    •  TC489 offers NFC capability with compatible Android app

Smartphone Compatible

Scanning the TC489 with an NFC enabled smartphone allows you to access data with our compatible app.

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