Timestrip® Descending

Irreversible Descending Temperature Indicators

Timestrip Descending Indicator Range


  • for Cold Chain Monitoring
  • FCP Descending Indicator, 0°C ±1°C
  • Self-activating

Timestrip Complete 403


  • for Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring
  • FCP Descending Indicator, 2°C ±1°C
  • Self activating

Timestrip Complete 404

Clear indication for simple use

Timestrip Descending indicators quickly provide a clear visual alert when products have been exposed to temperatures that have fallen below the trigger event.

Ease of use

Timestrip Descending temperature indicators are small, efficient, self activating and easy to use.

When the indicator has been kept above the threshold temperature, the indication window remains green.


The Timestrip Descending temperature indicator clearly shows when products have been exposed to cooler temperatures.

When the temperature drops below the threshold an irreversible, chemical color change happens. The indication window turns from green to red quickly and precisely at a specific set point.

For use in cold chain

FCP™ alerts everyone in your cold chain, and in Controlled Room Temperature zones, that a product has been exposed to cooler temperatures that may compromise quality.

These indicators can be deployed in a wide range of industries from food, industrial, medical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical. Timestrip Descending indicators can be used in medical devices and the life sciences.

When you need to verify a product has not gone above or below a threshold temperature range, we offer Timestrip® COMPLETE.

It contains both an ascending temperature indicator and a descending temperature indicator in one small card.

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Features designed with users in mind

  •  Fast acting, irreversible colour change
  •  Easy decision support / verification
  •  Quick colour transition in less than 1°C temperature range
  • Adheres to any shape & size
  •  Efficient, inexpensive monitoring
  •  Customised product & carrying cards available to distinguish your brand
  •  Delivered by piece or in rolls
  • Environmentally safe with no toxic chemicals

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Technical Documents & Information


Type Irreversible, single use
Size 30 mm x 29 mm ± 3 mm
Activation Feature Self-activating
Breach Indication Green to red colour transformation
Temperature Accuracy +/-1°C / 2°F
Recommended Storage Room temperature: 22°C/72°F at 20-80% humidity. Cool dark environment.
Shelf life 1 year

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