Timestrip® Custom Products

We design & manufacture custom solutions – just for you

Product original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and brand owners now have the option of a custom made Timestrip indicator, designed specially for their application.

Offering unique value with:

  •  shapes for product integration
  •  counterfeit protection
  •  bespoke time and/or temperature ranges


Enhance your Brand

Timestrip products – designed to fit a specific space on your product or made in a special shape – adds extra product appeal.

As part of an attractive product presentation, customer indicators are an important added value feature that enhances your brand perception.

Most importantly, they show your customers the care put into the product.

Build Confidence

When customers see a Timestrip, they are assured you are committed to offering them the highest quality of products. Customers can feel at ease knowing when to replace and renew products for efficacy and safety.

Timestrip’s custom indicators form a useful extra defence against counterfeiting. They can include custom serial numbering for traceability. Custom indicators can be made to suit your exact requirements.

Return On Investment

When customers are reminded to keep up with replacements and service, it provides a clear ROI.

Adding the value of Timestrip can help boost repeat sales of consumables, such as filters, or increase adherence to service intervals.

Check with us for minimum quantities involved.

Custom Applications by Sector

‘White Goods’ Filter Change Reminders

Fridges, washers, water filters, fish tanks and air conditioning systems all rely on filter use if they are to meet their specified performance levels. Regular replacement of filters in many domestic white goods is important to maintain efficiency and hygiene.

With Timestrip time indicators, consumers get an ‘at a glance’ warning of when filters are reaching the end of their life, in time to order replacements. Good for:

Custom Healthcare Indicators

A very wide range of applications in healthcare benefit from Timestrip custom indicators, ensuring best practice and compliance with regulations.

From adhering to prescribed schedules to maintaining cleaning routines to reduce infections, in healthcare systems patient safety is paramount.

Timestrip products are an important part of due diligence procedures in:


Pharmaceuticals including OTC Monitoring

Just a few of the specific pharmaceutical uses include:

Custom Life Sciences Solutions

Custom Timestrip products are used widely for a wide range of life sciences applications, including:

Personal Care Products

Personal care items endure repeated exposure to bacteria from the mouth & skin. After using, temperature fluctuations can make the bacteria rise to unsafe levels. The PAO (Period After Opening) is a critical time to monitor for the quality of personal care items and safety of the consumer.

Cosmetics, skincare and personal consumables like toothbrushes need to be replaced regularly to prevent infections. Timestrip solutions include:

Our Custom Indicators are used by

How to Customise a Timestrip Indicator

Click the video links below to learn more about why you might require a custom indicator and the process for developing one.

Ready to try it for yourself?

Not ready for a custom product yet?

The core product range of Timestrip temperature and time indicators is available and stocked ready for fast delivery. These range from our popular Timestrip® PLUS products for detecting temperature breaches, Timestrip® Complete for cold chain monitoring, special products for Blood and seafood monitoring, and many more.

And now there is also our new eTimestrip™ product range, with downloadable pdf reports of your products’ journey from manufacture to delivery.


Timestrip ISO 9001 certificationOur products are manufactured under the controls established by an IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

Contact us today to enquire about Timestrip samples for custom solutions. If you would like samples of multiple products, or have a general enquiry, please use our contact page.

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