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Timestrip indicators supporting healthier canine nutrition

Company profile

PP Raw Dog Food LTD is a UK manufacturer and retailer of specialist dog food located in south-east England near London.

Its products are linked to improved canine health and it supplies the market for foods based on what canines ate before they became domesticated. The recipe for their products also avoids the use of ingredients that would not have been present in a pre-domesticated canine diet (eg, grains).

A large number of species appropriate health benefits have been reported with this type of canine diet, including better digestion, shinier coats and improved oral health.

Its products are stored and delivered frozen.

Client Scenario

The use of raw chicken carcass and bone in the company’s chicken product requires cold chain time and temperature monitoring to avoid temperature excursions above 5°C for periods over four hours. These are the conditions necessary for tremorgenic mycotoxicosis growth on mouldy food, which can cause sometimes severe and potentially deadly systemic poisoning.

The company does not use refrigerated lorries and has had to adapt packaging to enable the best possible transport conditions.

“Foods in transit must not be above the temperature of 5°C. They leave us at around minus-18°C and we want to make sure the product gets to the customer at worst after 2 days’ transit within a refrigerator temperature environment,” says Luke.

Customers can instantly look at the Timestrip irreversible temperature indicator label and see the dog food is safe:

  • improving customer service
  • reducing costs
  • Clear, unambiguous indication of a temperature breach

The Timestrip® Solution

To a address these monitoring time and temperature constraints, the company uses the Timestrip® PLUS™ TP252 — a 4-hour 5°C irreversible time and temperature indicator.

Use of the label has enabled customers to reliably monitor for any temperature excursions and thus avoid feeding their pets spoiled and potentially dangerous food .

It has also promoted improved trust in the company’s products by providing customers with clear, unambiguous data as to whether any temperature excursions have occured during transit and how long they lasted. If the indicator window on the Timestrip® PLUS is filled in blue, the customer immediately knows that the cumulative time of temperature breaches mean the product should be discarded.

“If a box of food turns up and looks like it has thawed customers can instantly look at the Timestrip indicator label and see that the dog food is indeed safe to stick back into a freezer and be ready for when it’s needed,” says Luke.

Although exact data on financial savings that use of the Timestrip® PLUS™ TP252 has led to is unavailable, Luke says that it has helped with a large volume of deliveries and has already saved the company an amount greater than their cost.

A further benefit of using Timestrip labels is related to the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental protection. For packaging, it uses 100% recyclable materials wherever possible. It also works to reuse and recycle as much packaging as possible and runs a scheme to get packaging back from customers. Because Timestrip indicators can be easily disposed of in general waste, they support this core value of the company.

Also, their single-use and unique serial number features promote security and ensure the full traceability of products.

If a box of food turns up and looks like it has thawed customers can instantly look at the Timestrip indicator label and see that it is indeed the dog food is safe to stick back into a freezer and be ready for when it’s needed – Timestrip has already saved us more than they cost

Luke Partridge - Director


Our products are manufactured under the controls established by an IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2008

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