Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Belgium

Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Belgium has adopted a temperature control regime for red blood cells, platelets and plasma using Timestrip® Temperature Indicators.

This video shows blood being monitored by Timestrip indicators at a Belgium Military Hospital. For more information see our case study.

For blood products that need to be kept at room temperature we also offer the  Timestrip PLUS 25C  extreme room temperature indicator.

  • By applying freeze indicator and a Timestrip PLUS label, we can demonstrate that we now have continuous temperature monitoring of our blood products. This also means that we have more certainty on the storage conditions in order to take back blood products. Moreover, any human error can be discovered and critical mistakes avoided.

    Belgium Military Hospitals Dr. Christian Vandenvelde, Head of the Military Department for Blood Transfusion

Interested in customisation?


Our products are manufactured under the controls established by an IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2008


Our ISO Accredited manufacturing plant can custom brand time monitoring indicators for any of your product replacement or service reminding needs, even cut to your design specification or add individual serial numbers for easy identification.

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