Electronic Timestrip Complete with Report

Electronic Timestrip Complete compatible with NFC smartphones

Timestrip Complete TC489

2-8°C electronic temperature indicator with clear temperature breach notification & reporting app

Electronic Timestrip Complete TC489 are part of the eTimestrip cold chain supply management tools with LED indication.

They offer true 2-8°C temperature breach measuring that can be read by smartphones via our app, with the capability to export to PDF.

Electronic Timestrip Complete with Report


  • for 2°C-8°C fridge transports
  • NFC indicator with App
  • Measuring range -30°C to 60°C

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When do I need an eTimestrip Complete?

  •  If you need an immediate visual indication of breach

  •  When a small indicator is required

  •  For procedures require a record of a temperature breach

  •  Whenever you need a simple method to save data

Why choose TC489?

Temperature sensitive data loggers are expensive equipment. They typically need software and training to use.

TC489 can be read with an NFC enabled smartphone via our app. You can export data from the app to PDF or Excel for evidence of temperature breaches.

Moreover, single use TC489 can be read simply viewing the flashing LED lights. The status light blinks every 30 seconds. This means everyone along the cold chain can check the status of the shipment, without any special training or equipment.

Clear LED Indication of Temperature abuse

Simple to use technology

The TC489 is a temperature sensitive device for refrigerated temperature monitoring. It measures when out of refrigerated temperatures and shows an irreversible alarm when it has been out of the fridge for 30 continuous minutes.

TC489’s alarm status is always visible. Temperature breaches can be recorded via an NFC enabled smartphone with a compatible app.

Have products been out of the fridge?”
The eTimestrip TC490 shows you when a temperature breach has or is occurring.

Long Lasting Storage and Shipping

Activation tab

Timestrip TC489 comes inactive and pre-calibrated. Once your product is ready to be shipped, break off the ‘Break to Start’ tab to activate. Temperature monitoring has now begun.

Long Monitoring Life

Durable enough to stay on the product continuously monitoring for the service life of 1 year.

Electronic temperature indicator capabilities

Visual Alert

Electronic Timestrip Complete TC489 can be read by the LED lights to see if it is activated, OK or Alarm Status.

Digital Data

Scanning the TC489 with an NFC enabled smartphone allows you to access data with our compatible app.

  timestrip app on app store

How TC489 works

To activate, break the tab. Device will start to measure after 30 minutes (Start Delay)

Green LED blinks 5 times ( ●●● ):  indicates Start 

For the first 30 minutes of monitoring:

Green and Red LED blink together 1 time every 30 seconds ( ): OK Status 

In normal working status:

Green LED blinks 1 time every 30 seconds ( ): OK Status 

Alarm: temperature exceeds the upper temperature limit for more than 30 minutes

Red LED blinks 1 time every 30 seconds  ( ): indicates upper temperature breach alarm

When temperatures stay below the lower temperature limit for over 30 minutes:

Blue LED blinks 1 time every 30 seconds ( ): indicates lower temperature limit alarm

After breaking ‘Break to Stop” tab:

Red LED blinks 5 times ( ●●●●● ): indicator has stopped measuring 

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Timestrip Complete Indicator TC489 Technical Documents & Information


Type Single use, disposable
Activation type Break square tab to activate, triangle tab to stop
Operating Range -30°C to 60°C
Alarm Range 2°C-8°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5 °C (-20°C~40°C), ± 1 °C (others)
Sensor Built in NTC
Button Type Single button design, query the status of temperature indicator
Battery life 1 year
Battery type Button cell CR1620 lithium
Start delay 30 minutes
Alarm Delay 30 minutes
Measurement Sampling 1 minute
Calibration points -20°C, +2°C, +8°C, 20°C, +40°C, 60°C
Alarm type Single
Case, Dimension, Weight Rigid plastic, 34mm x 48mm x 4.5mm, 6g
Waterproof grade IP54


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