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The Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) is a major hospital in the north of England with a range of services, including a full A&E Department, Critical Care unit and Consultant led beds. The RLI also provides a range of planned care including outpatients, diagnostics,
therapies, day case and inpatient surgery.

Dr Amy Brown, Advanced Biomedical Scientist at RLI comments:

These indicators are important to support our quality assurance processes

Client Scenario

The Microbiology Department of the RLI required a method of detecting if clinical pathology samples had been subjected to excessive temperatures during their transport or storage. After careful research, they chose the Timestrip PLUS 217 liquid-
based indicator.
The temperature strips are used to monitor the temperature at which clinical pathology samples are stored after being taken from the patient up until receipt in the laboratory. After activation by pressing a blister on the top, the indicators work continuously and
provide reliable monitoring of conditions during the whole sample journey, including the transportation period.
Any breaches of the 25⁰C temperature limit are immediately shown in a window that also shows the duration of the breach, up to 12 hours. The indicators are simple to use and interpret.

The Timestrip® Solution

Dr Amy Brown, Advanced Biomedical Scientist at RLI comments: “The strip indicates when the temperatures have breached for significant periods. This is important as elevated temperatures have the potential to impact negatively on the quality of the test
results that we are to obtain from the samples. Getting a simple, reliable alert may also indicate a pre-analytical issue or incident that we may need to investigate further.”
Timestrip PLUS 217 smart indicator labels provide a high tech, low cost solution for ascending temperature breaches.

“These indicators are important to support our quality assurance processes”, adds Dr

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Our products are manufactured under the controls established by an IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2015

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