21st century blood temperature monitoring – Part 1

Interview with Reuben Isbitsky, founder of Timestrip UK Limited, which has just received FDA clearance for its 10°C Nonreversible Blood Transit Temperature Indicator.

 What does FDA clearance of Timestrip 10°C mean for your company?

It’s major milestone. Product-wise, we’ve been deemed and certified as having a medical device that has an accuracy level of ± 0.5°C and is suitable for transporting whole blood. FDA clearance for Timestrip 10°C will allow us to market this product for this specific application.

timestrip_blood_temp_10_portfolioAnd for our business, it marks a very important turning point. We started off as a time indicator company, which evolved into a temperature monitoring business, that is now a high-end medical device and healthcare business.

Moving forward, our business model will be to configure new products for specific and invariably speciality uses. We’re also going to be expanding our range of products for specific uses to enable the safe transportation of the different components of whole blood as well, namely platelets, plasma and frozen blood products. This will go a long way to maximizing the usability of all these components. For instance, even properly transported and stored whole blood only has a shelf life of 35 days, but plasma can be frozen and has many uses.

Lastly, for markets outside the US FDA clearance gives our product enormous credibility. Although FDA clearance cannot be enforced outside the US, in fact for many markets such as Saudi Arabia and India, it is used as an indicator of credibility and for tendering processes is even a prerequisite.

admin21st century blood temperature monitoring – Part 1
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Introducing Our 6 Degree Blood Bag Temperature Monitor

Timestrip is pleased to announce the arrival of our 6ºC blood bag temperature indicator– Blood Temp 6.
Blood Temp 6

Blood Temp 6 single use temperature indicators are low cost, field activated, and irreversible – they have been designed to be adhered directly to blood bags and are calibrated specifically to monitor the 6ºC threshold.

Blood temp 6 on blood transfusion bag

Use for monitoring temperature exposure when blood bags are in transit from storage, as in hospital blood banks. Blood Temp 6 provides a simple visual indication that blood has been stored and transported below 6 degrees Celsius.

Blood Temp 10

Along with our existing 10ºC product, Blood Temp 10, and our 25ºC Extreme room temperature indicator, Timestrip Plus 25ºC, Timestrip indicators are ideal for all your blood bag monitoring needs.

adminIntroducing Our 6 Degree Blood Bag Temperature Monitor
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Frostine’s Skin Care Line by LG Cosmetics

Frostine’s: Major Korean beauty brand LG’s skin care line

Timestrip indicators were added to the base of glass bottles used across the Frostine’s range by LG cosmetics as it launched its revolutionary new brand across Korea in one of its biggest multi-channel campaigns of 2012.

LG is the second biggest cosmetic brand owner in Korea and the Frostine’s brand extends its reputation for innovation in the sector.

The Frostine’s range comprises toners, eye creams, masks and moisturizers with a unique formulation that requires the products to be kept refrigerated at all times. In addition to the chilled characteristics, some of the creams and toners lose their efficacy after 6 weeks, so each bottle comes with a Timestrip applied to the base so that consumers can trigger the timing label and check the product integrity at a glance each time they are used.

See their custom Timestrip design and unique cosmetic integration from 1:50-3:00 in the video below.

adminFrostine’s Skin Care Line by LG Cosmetics
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Clinical Innovations Rom Plus

Clinical Innovations Rom Plus™ Fetal Membranes Rupture Test with Timestrip®

With an accurate diagnosis of PROM (premature rupture of membranes),  patients can receive interventions to minimize the risk of complications.

ROM Plus™ is a self-contained test  designed by Clinical Innovations that comes packaged for use in either a POC (point-of-care) setting or in the lab. The cassette has a built-in twenty minute time monitoring Timestrip® indicator and lateral flow test strip as well as a patient ID field.

The video below shows how the built in Timestrip® time indicator measures the length of time elapsed between the beginning of the test until the time the results can be read.

The results manifest within 5-20 minutes. 5, 10 and 20 minutes are clearly marked on the Timestrip®, allowing for clinicians to have a clear visual indication of when results are ready.

adminClinical Innovations Rom Plus
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Blood Temp 10 at the AABB 2014 Annual Meeting


2014 AABB Annual Meeting

Timestrip was on display at the Exhibit Hall in the impressive Pennsylvania Convention Center during the 2014 AABB Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA from the  25-28 of October.

2014 AABB Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall

Among the top medical devices and compliance tools for blood banks and hospitals being shown to AABB members from around the globe, our Blood Temp 10 product had its own display at the GenesisBPS booth.

Timestrip at the 2014 AABB Annual Meeting

We had fun meeting AABB members and demonstrating how our Blood Temp 10 product works.

Timestrip at Genesis booth during the 2014 AABB Annual Meeting

Timestrip Blood Temp 10 is an irreversible, single-use 10ºC temperature breach indicator. It can be stored and shipped at room temperature when inert and is activated with simple finger pressure.

Once activated a confirmation window tells you the product is ready to monitor by filling with colour. It is then immediately adhered on the lower third of a pre-chilled blood bag.

BT10 Hand Activation

Blood Temp 10 is ideal for the transportation of blood bags. When the core temperature of the blood breaches 10ºC, the indication window turns blue, showing you the blood is no longer suitable to return to storage.

Timestrip Blood Temp 10 on a Blood Bag during the AABB 2014 Annual Meeting

If you missed out seeing us at the AABB 2014 Annual Meeting, you can read more about Blood Temp 10 here.

If you liked the clear breach indication and ease of use of Blood Temp 10, but need to monitor extreme room temperature breaches, then have a look at our Timestrip Plus ascending temperature breach indicators here.


adminBlood Temp 10 at the AABB 2014 Annual Meeting
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