Vaccine Storage, Immunization & the 2-8 Cold Chain

Timestrip® provides a range of products for the medical and pharmaceutical cold chain, offering invaluable visual aids to doctors and healthcare workers responsible for administering vaccines, vaccine storage or vaccine transportation. Timestrip indicators can clearly show whether a vaccine is within its date and/or temperature parameters (normally the 2-8 cold chain range) and therefore acceptable to use for immunization (See more on immunization and the cold chain).

Timestrip indicators preserve the integrity of the 2 to 8 cold chain and are calibrated to the lifetime characteristics of the vaccine (from a few hours to over 12 months at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen) and to the degree of temperature sensitivity of the vaccines. This means they can be relied upon accurately as part of the vaccine storage and transportation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and their potential for accuracy is increased thanks to their low cost, which makes them suitable for use at individual case or product level.

TimestripPlus shows whether a temperature breach has occurred and shows the cumulative amount of time during which a vaccine was exposed to the higher temperature. The liquid inside moves across the TimestripPlus window for as long as a product is held outside vaccine storage, but stops as soon as it returns below 8°C/46°F. This rounded information provides enough detail to decide on appropriate immunization action.

Keep your pharmaceuticals & cold chain vaccines safe with Timestrip.