Timestrip elapsed time indicators monitor, inform and protect

If you make and market products or services where replacement and maintenance schedules depend on the monitoring of elapsed time then Timestrip could help drive both sales and customer satisfaction – with minimum cost.Timestrip indicators can be made to monitor many different time frames – from minutes to over a year. The times are preconfigured by our own, ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility.We have a range of products ready to ship in bulk or we can custom make to an agreed technical brief. We have a successful track record of working with product design teams in client companies, helping to deliver a fully manufactured Timestrip solution integral to the physical characteristic of their product.By taking the guesswork out of monitoring elapsed time we’ve helped global brand owners and leading equipment manufacturers build consumer confidence and boost after-market sales.We are dedicated to developing unique, customized products that can help reduce wastage, monitor component lifetimes, deliver quality assurances, improve sales and build your market-share.Customised Solutions
Timestrip® products can be fully customised to your needs and branding. They can be incorporated into a products design or packaging. Customised carrying cards can be made to have a convenient, visual reminder of service or replacement. All customised items and Timestrips® are subject to a minimum ordering requirement.You can see examples of where Timestrip elapsed time labels are currently being used in the case study section.If you’d like to see where a small investment in Timestrip elapsed time indicators could make a big difference to your business, click on the contact us page today and we’ll be in touch in no time!

Timestrip® Healthcare provides a range of products for the medical sector, offering invaluable visual aids to doctors, patients and healthcare workers. Timestrip® labels clearly indicate whether a product is within its date and how long it has been in use. 

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The regular replacement of filters is vital to maintain the performance of household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and water filters. Timestrip® provides a reliable and user-friendly indication of a filter’s life- encouraging timely replacement and boosting filter sales.

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Timestrip® technology gives you the ability to provide an effective, unique, promotional tool, whether for gaming, prizewinning, or as an ‘active’ coupon. Integrating Timestrips to keychains, backing cards, coupons or any promotional item you can imagine will increase brand loyalty.

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