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Cosmetic Life in Service

Effective communication
Bacteria breeds as efficiently in cosmetics as anywhere else, but convincing consumers of the limited shelf-life of their make-up has always been a challenge. Now there's Timestrip®, which when added to packaging, provide a clear visual indication of when an item should be discarded and replaced. 

Stay competitive
Brand loyalty is key to achieving success in today's cosmetics market. Timestrip® can help you add value to your brand at minimal cost, promoting consumer well-being as well as the quality and integrity of the brand itself.

Simple and user-friendly
Easily activated, Timestrips® show at a glance how long has passed since a product was purchased. Timestrip®indicators are inexpensive, accurate and consumer friendly and can be fully customised to the requirements of a specific application.

Communicating crucial information
Using Timestrip® will encourage consumers to comply with replacement guidelines. The Period After Opening (PaO) symbol already tells consumers how long a product will last once it is open, but Timestrip® provides the crucial bit of information: when it was first opened. Adding Timestrips® to packaging or integrating them into the packaging itself offers consumers an easy to use, easy to read and accurate indication of how old their cosmetics actually are.

Minimum investment, maximum gain
Adding Timestrip® to a product not only adds value it also underlines the quality of a brand and demonstrates concern for customers' well-being. Using products within the recommended timespan will in turn drive increased repaeat sales, providing another benefit- to your bottom line.

Adding Value to all Cosmetic products:

Lipsticks and glosses- repeated exposure to bacteria from the mouth and temperature fluctuations experienced during life in a handbag mean these products should be replaced regularly.

Mascara and eye pencils- with a shorter recommended shelf-life than other cosmetics, out-of-date products can produce infections.

Foundation- the liquid variety especially, as it has a shorter recommended PaO.

Natural or organic cosmetics- fewer preservatives or none at all means a shorter shelf-life than conventional products and potentially higher levels of bacteria.

Temperature-sensitive products- Timestrips® accelerate at higher temperatures, indicating if a product's shelf life has been affected by warmer conditions.

Want to see how Timestrip can be integrated into your cosmetics? Contact us.

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