Time Temperature Indicators

The food retailing industry requires a high standard of quality and safety in both food and packaging.

Timestrip’s time temperature indicators are designed to provide clear, visual information and greater control for consumers. It is an innovative and versatile technology that easily provides intelligent clear labelling to packaging.

It’s simple. In a highly competitive market Timestrip® smart labels which work as time temperature indicators enable you to differentiate your product from your competitors’ and increase brand value.

The technology solves is a long standing problem:

Timestrip® indicators or time temperature indicators help consumers recognise when food is at its nutritional best and is safe to eat and when it should be disposed of to avoid ill health. As a result, waste is reduced and consumers have greater confidence in the product. There are many advantages to integrating time temperature indicators into product packaging:

  • Acts as anti counterfeiting device
  • Acts as a tamper evident device
  • Clear, visual labelling – more effective communication
  • Encourages waste reduction
  • Eliminates confusion over ‘use within’ dates
  • Adds brand value

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Our products are manufactured under the controls established by an IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2008

Time Temperature Indicators for Food

Some Potential Time Temperature Indicator Applications

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables – provide accurate shelf life guide rather than a stagnant date reducing the amount of food waste
  • Pasta sauces – eliminates confusion over ‘use within’ dates
  • Fresh fish & meat – are highly perishable food items which require extra care to ensure quality is maintained
  • Condiments – e.g. mayonaisse, salad cream, chutney, mustard, tomato sauce or brown sauce all have use within dates while a dynamic date can ensure these are used at their best and reduce waste

Timestrip® time temperature indicators and will accelerate when out of the set temperature parameters e.g. when out of the fridge or freezer acting as an additional safeguard for consumers.

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