Electronic Timestrip Complete

A new line of eTimestrip indicators

Electronic Timestrip Complete

2-8°C electronic temperature indicator with clear temperature breach notification

eTimestrip indicators are cold chain supply management tools.

Offering true 2-8°C monitoring, eTimestrip indicators measure in 1 minute intervals. They display temperature breaches via LED flashing lights.

Electronic Timestrip Complete


  • for pharma shipments
  • 2°C-8°C monitoring
  • Operating range -10°C to 50°C

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When do I need an eTimestrip?

  •  If you need an immediate visual indication of breach

  •  When a small indicator is required

  •  When procedures require a measurement of a temperature

Why choose Timestrip Complete TC490?

Single use TC490 can be read simply viewing the flashing LED lights. An OK or ALARM status light blinks. This means everyone along the cold chain can check the status of the shipment, without any special training or equipment.

Clear LED Indication of Temperature abuse

Simple to use technology

The TC490 is a temperature sensitive device for refrigerated temperature monitoring. It shows you when it is out of fridge, and shows an irreversible alarm when it has been out of the fridge for 30 continuous minutes.

Have products been out of the fridge?”
The eTimestrip TC490 shows you when a temperature breach has or is occurring.

Long Lasting Storage and Shipping

Activation tab

Timestrip TC490 comes inactive and pre-calibrated. Once your product is ready to be shipped, break off the tab to activate. Temperature monitoring has now begun.

Long Monitoring Life

Durable enough to stay on the product continuously monitoring for the service life of 180 days.

Electronic temperature indicator capabilities

Visual Alert

 TC490 can be read by the LED lights to see if it is Activated, OK or Alarm Status.

Need Digital Data?

We offer a Timestrip Complete that can be used with an NFC enabled smartphone allows you to access data with a compatible app.

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How TC490 works

To activate, break the tab. Device will start to measure after 30 minutes (Start Delay)

Green LED blinks 3 times ( ):  indicates Start 

In normal working status:

Green LED blinks 1 times every 30 seconds ( ): OK Status 

Alarm: temperature exceeds the upper temperature limit for more than 30 minutes

Red LED 1 blink every 5 seconds  ( ): indicates upper temperature breach alarm

Alarm: temperature drops below the lower temperature limit for more than 30 minutes

Blue LED 1 blink every 5 seconds  ( ): indicates lower temperature breach alarm

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eTimestrip Indicator TC490 Technical Documents & Information


Type Single use electronic indicator
Application area Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Blood, Diagnostic kits, Home delivery, and Food applications
Activation type Break tab activation
Operating Range -10°C to +50°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C (-10°C to 40°C)
Accuracy outside core temperature range ±1.0°C
Measurement interval 1 minute
Battery life 180 days (measurement interval 1 minute during 2°C~8°C environment)
Battery type Button cell CR2032 lithium
Display alarm status Shown by LED
Status visibility Status: OK, OVER ALARM, UNDER ALARM
Traceability Serial number and QR code
Case, Dimension, Weight Rigid plastic, 77mm x 46mm x 12mm (3.0 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches), 10 g
Waterproof grade IP67


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