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Timestrip VST

Timestrip VST (Virus Specimen Transport) series has been specially formulated to provide an adequate quality control resolution for proper transport & storage of clinical virus specimens, complying with required monitoring guidelines by FDA & WHO.

These small/compact label indicators provide a reliable way to follow virology testing kits environmental conditions together with a distinct indication incase regulated limitations are breached.

Timestrip VST Benefits

  •   Indicates duration of temperature breach of a specimen

  •   Designed aligning to WHO regulations

  •   Unique serial numbers for traceability

  •   Simple to use single use indicator

  •   Cost effective solutions for temperature monitoring


According to FDA & WHO regulations, coronavirus Specimens may be stored/transported chilled between (2-8°C) for up to 72 hours after collection.

In addition, Virology specimen collection guidelines state similarly that “most viruses remain stable at 4°C for 2-3 days”.


Timestrip VST Range

Timestrip VST TTI

  • TTI designed with WHO specimen specifications
  • integrating thermal abuse

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Timestrip VST 0°C

  • for thawing event monitoring during shipping/transport
  • 0°C / 32°F

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Timestrip VST 53°C

  • for extreme hot temperature exposure monitoring
  • 53°C / 127°F

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Timestrip VST Fridge Combi

  • 72 hour time lapse fridge indicator
  • Temperature Breach 8°C/46°F

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Why choose Timestrip VST over a digital data logger?

Clinical virus specimens are subject to careful quality control procedures covering transport and storage to ensure that subsequent laboratory test results are meaningful.

Timestrip VST offers you unit level monitoring. They can be shipped in the box with the specimens. They are low cost and single use. No extra disinfectant protocols or return shipping needed.

Irreversible Timestrip VST TTIs can be read with a glance. When temperature breaches occur, the TTIs show the cumulative time the specimens have been exposed to elevated temperatures. This means everyone along the cold chain can check the status of the shipment, without any special equipment.

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