What is Duo?

Timestrip® PLUS Duo puts two temperature threshold indicators side by side into one handy label format.
The indicator on the left shows if temperatures have breached the cold chain threshold of 10°C/50°F and for how long, with time markers for 3, 8 or 14 days. The indicator on the right shows if temperatures have breached an extreme of 34°C/93°F and for how long, with one time marker for 3 hours.

Duo has been engineered to comply with World Health Organisation recommended monitoring requirements for certain vaccines. That is why it combines a threshold indicator of 10°C/50°F with 3, 8, and 14 day time markers and a 34°C/93°F indicator showing 3 hours of breach. However, there is nothing to prevent Duo being used to monitor other products if these time markers and threshold temperatures are suitable. It is also possible to manufacture Dual threshold indicators for other temperature thresholds. (See FAQ on customising Duo).

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