Single or Bulk Activation – Blood Temp 6

Use a cold pack!
We recommend getting one from the freezer. Anything colder than 3 degrees Celsius will do, but really the colder the better to last longer.
Set up a staging area near the blood-bag fridge and close to the time of use.
We highly recommend placing the blood bags that are being prepared on a refrigerated cold pack, as the ambient temperature of the room and direct contact with a warm counter warms up a blood bag above 6 C surprisingly quickly.

Activate the BT6, and leaving the adhesive liner on, place on the cold-pack. Feel free to do this with as many indicators as you would like to use in a given batch application session. Dependent on the cold-pack’s temperature and size, the activated BT6 indicators can stay on the cold pack for many minutes and even hours without showing a breach in the run-out window.
As soon as the BT6 indicator needs to be applied to the blood-bag, take the indicator from the cold pack, peel the adhesive liner off and simply adhere firmly to the blood-bag.

Remember – We always supply 1 to 2 extra products free of charge, so good to use for testing or practice!

Please note that this is only really needed for Blood Temp 6 Indicators, due to the particularly low temperature being monitored. Timestrip’s Blood Temp 10 indicators can just be activated and applied to a cold blood bag. Absolutely nothing else required.

adminSingle or Bulk Activation – Blood Temp 6