Is the liquid safe?

Yes. Please contact us for the MSDS for further information. We only use food-grade oils and non-toxic colourants in our formulation.

In the unlikely event that the liquid leaks from the indicator and comes into contact with skin, simply wash with soap and water. If the liquid comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

adminIs the liquid safe?
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Why choose Blood Temp 10+ over other blood bag indicators?

You really need to try them to really appreciate how easy they are to use. Timestrip Blood Temp 10+ have the same or better accuracy than other indicators on the market, but where they are different from other indicators: Blood Temp 10+ are simpler and faster to store, to use, and even cost a bit less, saving you time, money and effort.

adminWhy choose Blood Temp 10+ over other blood bag indicators?
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What is Blood Temp 10+?

Timestrip® Blood Temp 10+ a single use temperature indicator in a self-adhesive label format. It can be adhered onto blood bags and transported immediately after activation.

adminWhat is Blood Temp 10+?
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How does Blood Temp 10 work?

A blue dye housed in a blister is held adjacent to a micro-porous membrane. Upon squeezing the activation button the dye comes out of the blister and into contact with the membrane. The temperature of the chilled blood bag solidifies the liquid, and thus unable to move through the membrane. If the temperature rises to or above the threshold temperature of 10°C/50°F, the dye changes to liquid form, moves through the membrane and indicates a breach when blue dye shows up in the indication window.

adminHow does Blood Temp 10 work?
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