Timestrip® Smart Label Time Technology adopted by growing number of Manufacturers

Tetra, Whirlpool, DHL, Hamilton Beach and Premier Foods integrate Timestrip® into their products

Timestrip Plc, the UK-based smart label company, has signed contracts with leading manufacturing companies in the U.S. and Europe to integrate Timestrip® labels into their products or packaging in response to consumer demands for better control over safety and optimal use of the products they use.

The companies include producers of food products, water and air-filters, air-freshener appliances and medical devices. Among the agreements are:

  • A $3 million exclusive three-year rolling contract with Tetra, a division of United Pet Group Inc. for integration of Timestrip smart labels into Tetra’s biggest selling aquarium filter and with all replacement filter cartridges sold in the North American market.
  • DHL reported very positive results for tests it conducted using Timestrip’s iStrip label, which undergoes an irreversible color change when exposed to freezing temperatures.  The successful tests found the iStrip to be a cost-effective method of quality assurance when transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, such as vaccinations.
  • Premier Foods in the U.K. has adopted Timestrip smart labels on a trial basis for its Branston Original pickle brand being sold throughout the British Isles.
  • Hamilton Beach has developed a new model of its TrueAir® odor eliminator which integrates a 4-month room-temperature Timestrip® into the fascia of the filter housing to alert consumers when to replace the Febreze™ activated carbon filter.
  • Timestrip has entered into a strategic partnership with Whirlpool Europe which has adopted Timestrip’s smart label technology as a replacement indicator in two of its domestic appliance filters.
  • Timestrip previously signed major partnership agreements with Plastek and CCL Label to integrate smart labels into caps and closures as expiration date indicator labels.

Timestrips® time- and temperature-sensitive smart labels visually monitor elapsed time from minutes to over a year on any product. They are becoming increasingly popular among consumers to track time after opening of foods, cosmetics and medicines / antibiotics since they adhere to any package – whether at room temperature or frozen- for clear, visual monitoring of remaining product shelf life.

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