Seafood 37°F (3°C) Nonreversible TTIs

The high tech, low cost solution for C Bot prevention

 Easy to use

 Activation confirmation

 Cost effective

 Breach indication


 Easy to read

Technology that keeps the user in mind

Easy Placement

Can be stuck directly onto seafood packaging

Inert Storage

Can be stored inert at room temperature

No Preconditioning

No prior refrigerated pre-conditioning required prior to activation

Clear activation

Activated by pushing button — ’ON’ revealed to confirm Seafood 37°F (3°C) Nonreversible TTIs correctly armed

Unambiguous temperature breach reading

Time elapsed from the breach is indicated by blue in the 2 hour window or blue in the 4 hour window

Best C bot prevention

Best C Bot prevention tool for low oxygen packaging that keep seafood products fresh

“A control strategy is now included on the use of Time Temperature Indicators or TTIs on reduced oxygen packages where maintaining the product below 38 degrees Fahrenheit is the only control to prevent nonproteolytic C. botulinum toxin formation.”

FDA Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance, 4th Edition

Delivery of essential cold chain data

Clear visual indication for simple decision making

  •  Has the cold chain been breached?
  •  Are products safe to use?
  •  Must some products be discarded?

Pure data information

  •  Data not dependent on ambient temperature
  •  Key data about location of any cold chain breach

Designed for FDA guidance

Designed around FDA guidance, the gold standard for Health & Safety and HACCP systems


Temperature Temperature maintained below 38°F (3°C) from packing to consumption
Validation TTI validated fit for purpose
Verification TTI verified that it is functional at the time of use
Breach Alert Irreversible color change alert of unsafe time and temperature exposure that may result in C bot toxin formation
Critical Control Points TTI receipt, storage, and application and activation should be identified as CCPs
Quality Assurance Quality Assured, manufactured to ISO 9001:2015, process and batch validated
Traceability Unique serial numbers for traceability
Confidence in use Patented, safe and disposable


C bot type E and non-proteolytic types B and F are psychrotrophic and can grow and produce toxin at temperatures as low as 3°C (37°F). Other strains of C bot (type A and proteolytic types B and F) can grow and produce toxin at temperatures slightly above 10°C (50°F).

The aim of Timestrip® Seafood 3°C TTIs is to provide seafood processors and transporters with clear, unambiguous data as to whether the handling of any individual seafood product, that has or is being processed, adhered to C Bot prevention standards around cold chain management.

Skinner & Larkin Timestrip Seafood Temperature Danger Zone

Boundary for Clostridium botulinum toxin liberation over a range of various storage temperatures as defined by the Skinner and Larkin relationship (Journal of Food Protection. Vol. 61. No. 9. 1998. Pages 1154-1160)

Low Cost

When compared to dataloggers and other TTIs

Timestrip® Seafood Other TTIs Dataloggers
Low Cost
Does not need a power source
2 year shelf life
Stored at ambient temperature
No preconditioning prior to activation

Creates trustworthy supply chains

Complex seafood supply chains made more secure:

Seafood processor brands enhanced

Customer loyalty increased

Reliable systems improve trust and confidence

One label per processed unit = maximum safety

Designed for use on the smallest unit of packaging

Total risk is minimised because every single unit is individually assessed

Need Validation documents?

Free, optional secure audit trail data with the new Timestrip Temperature app

Latest tool for cold chain management data

Available for Android (iOS to follow)

Generates a secure, cloud-based audit trail for processed

More information

Timestrip® Seafood Product

Timestrip® Seafood 37°F/3°C

for Reduced Oxygen Packaging

3°C threshold

2 – 4 hour run-out window

activation blister on top

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