Hot Trucks Carry Unsafe Food: Video from NBC

Today NBC’s Rossen Report, in their year long focus of Hot Truck Hazards, covered the dangers of transporting food in trucks with broken or misused refrigeration units. Without an effective cold chain monitoring system, food exposed to unsafe high temperatures are at risk of making consumers ill from potentially deadly bacteria that thrives in warm environments.

The reports focuses on the efforts of Indiana, one of the few states forcing truckers to comply to safe food transporting temperatures, and highlighted the FDA’s drive to strengthen the US’s food safety systems.

While Timestrip has developed several solutions for effective cold chain management, we also offer customized cold chain solutions for companies that want to ensure their food deliveries arrive fresh and most importantly: safe.

(If you can not view video or would like to read the full transcript visit NBC’s website)


adminHot Trucks Carry Unsafe Food: Video from NBC