There are a myriad of applications for Timestrip time and temperature indicator labels in healthcare

We often get asked what exactly our Timestrip products do and tend to say:

“Timestrip adhesive indicators show if how long an item has been in use, or how long a temperature breach lasted.”

However, you probably haven’t imagined all the possibilities of our versatile technology. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common products requested to combat the COVID-19 pandemic:


Our time indicators are an alert tool to remind hospital workers Personal Protection Equipment must be replaced regularly to reduce the chance of virus transmission.

 12 hour Time Indicator:  Hospitals have been requesting 12 hour indicators to remind staff to replace PPE during shortages when they can not be replaced more frequently.


Hospital curtains and semi fixtures can harbor dangerous levels of bacteria. When hospital rooms are not sanitised regularly, or medical components in hospitals are not replaced, patients and staff are at risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.

3 Month Indicator: Hospital Curtain replacement

3 Day: IV cannula replacement


Individuals are being urged by governments to practise social distancing, observe more rigorous hygiene
procedures including the use of hand sanitisers. After opening, they have a finite shelf life before replacement is required. Timestrip time indicators can be affixed at the individual product level and activated when opening. They assure individuals and healthcare workers sanitizers are used at peak efficacy.

2 Years:  Most sanitizers have a 2 year PAO. Ask about custom time ranges.


Our smart labels are also used for the diagnostic testing and biological specimen transportation. Time indicators can be used in diagnostic kits to monitor reaction time. Temperature indicators show if biological specimens have been kept within WHO guidelines.

Timestrip Complete: 2-8°C shipment temperature monitor

Timestrip PLUS -20°C: frozen biological specimen shipments

Time Indicators: Can be customised for specific time to measure the time since test was started.

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These are just a small selection for our Timestrip healthcare solutions. They adhere to our core values of brand integrity, social values & producing smart labelling solutions that are low cost, innovative and easy to use.

Our primary goal with all our time and temperature indicators is to answer just one crucial question: Is the monitored product safe to use?

That’s Timestrip.

For anyone needing more information about Timestrip and our range of products, please contact us today.


  • Siemens SA

    Petra Houart, Operations Manager at Siemens Healthcare in Johannesburg
  • ICP Medical

    Brian Sanders, president of ICP Medical LLC
  • Island Creek Oyster Company

    Emily Weedon from Island Creek
  • We utilize the Timestrip® Plus indicator to ensure that our goods arrive at the end-user in good condition and that the cold chain has not been broken for any significant time period. When we get calls from customers letting us know that the Timestrip® has been activated, we replace the reagents immediately. The benefit is, that this is a service only Siemens gives to their customers in South Africa and that we are sure our products are arriving without having been exposed to high temperatures, which may compromise results in certain circumstances.

  • Our Rapid Refresh™ brand is all about simplifying the job of the healthcare worker by making it fast and easy to refresh a curtain. We are excited to offer a revolutionary product that makes managing curtain changes easy for increased compliance and a safer environment.

  • We are shipping thousands of individual consignments every year and with a Timestrip® Plus TTI in every box we know that our oysters had a safe trip!


Thank you for your interest in Timestrip Healthcare solutions. We’ll be in touch in no time! You can access the downloads below.

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