American Society for Clinical Pathology backs Temperature Sensitive Labels for Red Blood Cells

A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Pathology found that temperature sensitive labels for monitoring blood can help hospitals and blood banks conform to the American Association of Blood Banks and US Food and Drug Administration standards for safe human blood transportation and storage.

While many front-line teams rely on the “30 minute rule” for returning blood back into storage, using a temperature sensitive label can increase the safety of the blood life cycle, while reducing wastage.

They found:

“…these devices offer transfusion services an opportunity to develop and validate their own in-house procedures to supplement and, thereby, improve on decisions using the 30-minute rule. For example, if a unit of RBCs were overheated by placement on a hot surface (eg, microwave heater, radiator, or the top of a refrigerator) but returned within 30 minutes to the transfusion service, its potential unsuitability would not be identified by a transfusion service relying only on the 30-minute rule. However, such a potentially unsuitable unit would be likely to be recognized if a temperature-sensitive label had been in place.

Also, procedures can be developed to use temperature-sensitive labels to avoid unnecessary and costly discards of blood components when storage for more than 30 minutes outside a temperature-monitored refrigerator raises questions about suitability.”

See how much you can save with our Cost Calculator and learn how Timestrip® can help you comply with temperature standards on our main site:

Read the rest of the original study here: logoandcopy_ted


adminAmerican Society for Clinical Pathology backs Temperature Sensitive Labels for Red Blood Cells
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Timestrip® takes oral care innovation into France with Casino toothbrushes

One of France’s largest retailers – The Casino Group – has launched a new toothbrush range with the Timestrip® patented technology built into the grip, indicating when it’s time to replace the toothbrush.
Casino Group Timestrip ToothbrushThe Casino Group has a reputation for innovation across its own-label ranges and has listed the new toothbrushes in over 100 stores across France, giving the range prominent fixture positions to highlight the launch.

The company has secured a valuable ‘first-to-market’ advantage with the adoption of the Timestrip technology. There is no other retailer or brand manufacturer offering customers in France the unique oral care benefits of a Timestrip toothbrush.

The brush design makes the complete cleaning regime much more effective and helps protect teeth and gums, whilst cleansing the tongue during brushing. The Timestrip technology is activated at the first use by simple finger pressure and reveals the word ‘Changer’ after three months have elapsed – the optimum replacement period according to experts.

Dental professionals advise changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months as old toothbrushes do not remove plaque as effectively and bacteria can build up leading to dental problems such as gum disease.

In fact a new toothbrush is 95% more effective at removing plaque than a 3 month old brush, according to the British Dental Health Foundation.

The Timestrip® team are confident that the new Casino toothbrush range will increase repeat purchase levels whilst delivering dental health benefits for their customers as a result of a better oral care hygiene regime.

adminTimestrip® takes oral care innovation into France with Casino toothbrushes
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New Timestrip® Blood Bag Temperature Indicator Saves Time, Money and Lives

Blood bag with Blood Temp 10The new  Blood Temp10 Blood Bag Indicator has been designed and manufactured by Timestrip® in response to the need to reduce wastage of precious blood stocks, discarded through uncertainty around temperature breaches incurred when bags are in use and removed from carefully controlled refrigeration storage units in blood banks.

The World Health Organisation estimates that over 100 million blood donations are  collected globally every year and it is generally accepted that 2% of blood may be discarded as a result of temperature ambiguity.  

By adapting its highly accurate temperature monitoring technology Timestrip® has

been able to make a small, finger pressure activated label that can be applied to blood bags the moment they are taken out of refrigeration units and packed into cool boxes for use by theatre technicians or emergency response teams.

Timestrip Blood Temp 10 series

Once active, the labels show clearly and irreversibly when the core temperature of individual blood bags has breached the regulatory 10ᵒC/50ᵒF temperature abuse point, which stipulates that blood cannot be returned to the blood bank for future use.

Frontline blood bank teams using  Timestrip Blood Temp10 indicators are able to reissue good blood stocks which would have otherwise been disposed of, safe in the knowledge that  bacterial growth due to elevated temperatures has not compromised the blood during storage, transportation and distribution.

Significantly for the teams handling blood bags, there are no pre-usage processes or secondary consumable materials required, as is the case with other more expensive products on the market.

Commenting on results from field trials using the new Blood Temp10 indicators, Caroline Pieters, Haemovigilance Nurse at the AZ St Lucas Hospital in Gent, said

“The Timestrip blood indicators have helped us identify critical control points within our cold chain process where we were at risk of temperature abuse. After identifying and fortifying some critical control points we have achieved a reduction of blood waste and we are confident in our ability to offer a safe blood supply to patients. We see Timestrip temperature indicators as a significant step forward in the handling and management of blood temperature throughout the blood supply chain.”

Timestrip® estimates that blood banks reducing loss rates by 8% will see a 100% return on an investment in the adoption of the new Blood Temp10 indicators and that a conservative 25% reduction could double the return on purchase costs.

Timestrip Sales & Marketing Director Dan Hafen is confident the new Timestrip Blood Temp10 will transform the supply chain, stating:

“With proper implementation we estimate that blood banks, transporters and transfusion service provider will achieve significant savings as a result of adopting our temperature indicators and I encourage everyone to use the ROI calculator on our website for an estimate on the potential savings relevant to their usage levels.

In addition, our Blood Temp10 provides auditable proof that blood has been stored, transported and reissued properly and according to relevant regulatory standards.”

adminNew Timestrip® Blood Bag Temperature Indicator Saves Time, Money and Lives
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Timestrip Plc launches low-cost threshold temperature indicator for mass market use

Timestrip Plus™ is an accurate, yet easy-to-use device which monitors how long a product has been held above a critical temperature

For some time sensors have been able to show immediate exposure to a critical temperature, but this on its own doesn’t indicate whether a product is deteriorating. Product quality can often be compromised by cumulative exposure to elevated temperatures during transit and storage. What you need to know is how long your product has spent above a defined temperature.

Now Timestrip Plc – the AIM-listed developer of smart packaging devices – has launched Timestrip Plus – the first, truly cost-effective and simple to use indicator which shows the amount of time a product has spent above its threshold temperature.

Timestrip Plus is designed to operate as a cold chain tool for temperature sensitive products in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food sectors, where the financial and safety consequences of temperature breaches are considerable.  Timestrip Plus is easy to use, does not require special conditioning before activation, and is easy to interpret.

Market acceptance
Timestrip’s distributor, Fingerprint Data Systems UK, through one of its key partners, has already secured trial orders of Timestrip Plus in two large UK hospital sites. Focusing on the pharmacy supply chain, Timestrip Plus is being used to ensure that products released from the hospital pharmacy do not spend excessive periods of time above the correct temperature.

Cold chain benefits
The cost consequences of temperature breaches in food, pharmaceutical and chemical cold chains are high. The loss of a consignment because of improper handling or transport can be measured in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds.

Timestrip Plus indicators provide the ideal solution, offering significant advantages as a temperature-controlled or ‘cold’ supply chain tool by reducing product wastage and offering high levels of customer satisfaction. They also offer unparalleled flexibility. Supplied in an adhesive label format they are ideal for applying directly to products or packaging.

Being friendly on the eye, Timestrip Plus indicators are also easy to read. And unlike traditional more complicated solutions, they are highly accurate and straightforward to use, being activated by simply squeezing a bubble on top of the indicator. A viewing window shows the indicator is active by changing colour from white to blue. As long as the product is held at, or under, the safe temperature, the colour does not progress. Once the temperature threshold is breached, the colour moves across a scale, showing how long it has been above that temperature, allowing the user to take appropriate remedial action.

However, on its return trip to the safe temperature, the colour stops progressing. In this way, Timestrip Plus can record multiple excursions above a safe temperature, allowing the user to take the appropriate remedial action.

Says Timestrip Plc’s Joint CEO, Reuben Isbitsky: “Because there is no ambiguity over product life, errors are therefore reduced. You can also save on cost by cutting the amount of product thrown away.”

Leading edge technology
Developed from Timestrip Plc’s patented technology platform, Timestrip Plus not only shows that one or more pre-defined temperatures have been exceeded, it also registers the cumulative time over which a temperature breach has occurred so you can see instantly whether a product is past its best, or safe to use.

In this way, it is possible to see at a glance how long a product has spent above its safe storage temperature, even if it was at some stage returned to the correct temperature.

Adds Timestrip’s Isbitsky: “The impact that the raised temperature will have on the product, shortening its life, is immediately apparent, helping to decide whether the quality of a product has been irreversibly affected.”

Timestrip Plus offers a simple and inexpensive tool to easily monitor products. Its cost is low enough for Timestrip Plus to be placed on every unit or case. In this way, a compromised product can be segregated accurately, saving an entire shipment which might otherwise be discarded because of suspected temperature abuse.

A range of standard products are available, although Timestrip Plus can be customised for virtually any application’s temperature requirements. It can work under a variety of conditions, from ambient environments to refrigerated, frozen – or even extremely high temperatures, depending on the customer’s requirements.

There are two stock products currently available for two temperature thresholds: 12º C (54º F) for chilled products and 0º C (32º F) for frozen products. Additional products catering for different temperature thresholds will be launched later in the year.

adminTimestrip Plc launches low-cost threshold temperature indicator for mass market use
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