Seafood Expo North America is this weekend – Get the Press Kit

We will be showing off our Timestrip Seafood indicator for reduced oxygen packaging at the Seafood Expo in Boston starting on Sunday 11 March 2018. Stop by Booth 1388 to get a sample of our Food indicators.

If you can’t make it to the show, Download our Timestrip Seafood Expo Press Kit PDF to find out more on how we utilize Timestrip temperature indicators for the Food Industry.


adminSeafood Expo North America is this weekend – Get the Press Kit
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Food Temp™ Helps Comply with the 2 Hour – 4 Hour Rule for HACCP Plans

Timestrip® has a new range of Food Temp™ indicators which have been specifically developed for food shipping and storage.

The newly designed temperature breach window on the Food Temp™ 5°C indicates breaches lasting between two to four hours.

Why 2 Hour – 4 Hours?

 2 Hour - 4 Hour Rule for HACCP Plans Explained

In the food industry, food with the potential to grow hazardous pathogens are kept safe from developing harmful levels of bacteria using a HACCP Plan with a 2 Hour – 4 Hour Rule.

If the food is exposed to a temperature breach for less than 2 hours, bacteria have not been developing quickly and can be returned to the safe temperature.

Users can see that the breach window on the Food Temp™ indicator has remained white and can return products to the safe temperature.

If exposed to breach temperatures above 2 Hours, but under 4 Hours- bacteria levels have begun to rapidly multiply but have not reached dangerously high levels.

When users see blue in the breach window, it will alert them they must use the food immediately and cannot be returned to storage.

After a 4 hour exposure to a temperature breach, bacteria have had the time to multiply to unsafe levels and cannot be consumed.

A completely blue window on a Food Temp™ indicator lets a user know that the food product is unsafe to use and must be immediately discarded.

For more information, see our Food Temp Indicator page.

adminFood Temp™ Helps Comply with the 2 Hour – 4 Hour Rule for HACCP Plans
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Timestrip Blood Temp 10 FDA 510(k) BK150289

Indications for Use: The Timestrip (R) Blood Temp 10 (BT10) blood bag indicator is a temperature-sensitive indicator that can be used by blood banks and transfusion services to maintain quality control in blood storage and transportation.

adminTimestrip Blood Temp 10 FDA 510(k) BK150289
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Timestrip to attend Seafood Expo Global

Seafood Expo Global

Timestrip will be exhibiting their food temperature indicators at Seafood Expo Global / Seafood Processing Global 26-28 April 2016 in Brussels.

Seafood Global Expo is the largest seafood trade show in the world, with professionals from over 140 countries attending.

Timestrip_Plus_Seafood_indicatorCome see us in Hall 8  Booth 8-4734 to develop a custom time – temperature monitoring solution for reduced oxygen packaging, fresh fish, and shellfish.

For more information on the event see the Seafood Expo Global website:


seafood expo timestrip

adminTimestrip to attend Seafood Expo Global
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