Major Breakthrough as Timestrip Announces 12-Month Label

Timestrip Limited’s unique smart label technology has passed another milestone with the company’s announcement of a new label that measures elapsed time for periods up to a year. The label represents a doubling of the previous six-month capability of Timestrip labels.

Considerable research and development has gone into the extending of the labels’ time-measuring potential. It could, however, pay some pretty high dividends: with EU legislation now dictating that many cosmetics and personal care products should be used within twelve months of opening, the new label will enable Timestrip to reach those markets and widen its customer base still further.

The twelve-month label also has huge potential in the frozen food sector and Timestrip has already received an order from Labellord, a European distributor, to launch a freezer version of the product later this year.

A delighted Reuben Isbitsky, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Timestrip, commented: “This announcement is significant for our business as we can now offer products into new mass markets. The cosmetics and personal care sectors present substantial opportunities for Timestrip, as does the frozen food market.  We now have real potential to communicate ‘sell-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates on products, as well as the shorter time requirements of ‘once opened’ dates.”

Timestrips enable end-users of perishable products to monitor how long an item has been open or in use. Once activated, a non-toxic liquid dye travels across the label at a consistent rate, allowing the consumer clearly to see the amount of time which has passed since a product was opened. The technology can be fully integrated into products or packaging as well as an applied label format.

Use of Timestrips encourages consumer storage and usage compliance, reduced product wastage, enhanced brand value and increased repeat purchases. The company is already working with an impressive client list across a wide range of market sectors.

adminMajor Breakthrough as Timestrip Announces 12-Month Label
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“it’s about time” for water filter changes

Water treatment specialist Aqua Cure plc, is to begin using Timestrip® smart labels on its water filtration systems.The Timestrip® will be actively promoted at the forthcoming AquaTech 2006 exhibition in Amsterdam.

admin“it’s about time” for water filter changes
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Timestrip Plc at the International Vending Exhibition on 24 -26 April 2007

Timestrip Plc will be exhibiting at Avex 2007, International Vending Exhibition, taking place at Earls Court 2, London on 24th -26th April. Timestrip® versatile technology provides unique time and temperature sensitive smart labels that monitor elapsed time.

Timestrip® technology can be incorporated to act as a food freshness indicator for vending machines or as water filter reminder as used by Aqua Cure.

adminTimestrip Plc at the International Vending Exhibition on 24 -26 April 2007
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WD40 product launch

Timestrip plc is pleased to provide an update on progress with a key customer, WD40 Company, who have recently launched a product in the US with fully integrated Timestrip technology.

The “3-IN-ONE No Rust Shield” is a unique device that provides 90-day rust-protection for virtually any metal-based product stored in an enclosed space. It has now been successfully launched on DirectTV in the US, targeting users of products such as tools, sporting goods, firearms, hardware, trophies and jewellery.

A ninety day Timestrip is integrated into every “3-IN-ONE No Rust Shield” as an indicator that the product has passed its optimal efficiency and should be replaced. The TV commercial, which features a demonstration of the Timestrip technology can be seen at

Reuben Isbitsky, Joint CEO Timestrip Plc said: “We are delighted with the exposure gained from our association with yet another exciting new product launched by a household brand. Timestrip is clearly establishing itself as the new standard in replacement indicators for the global appliance sector and we look forward to continuing to supply the Timestrip technology to WD40 Company through the upcoming roll-out of the “3-IN-ONE No Rust Shield” with mass-retailers across the US.”

Timestrip smart labels are also supplied as replacement indicators to a number of well-known brands including United Pet Group (Tetra), Whirlpool Europe, Hamilton Beach/Febreze®, Hygolet, Dryandstore® and IBA Bouchard.

adminWD40 product launch
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