Timestrip helps keep Eden Springs water flowing at its freshest

Timestrip helps keep Eden Springs water flowing at its freshest

Eden Springs, the leading provider of water dispensers in the UK and Europe, is using Timestrip ‘Life In Service’ (LIS) indicators to ensure filter change schedules are followed and water quality maintained. As a result, Customer Service teams are able to plan and schedule sanitizations, filter changes and general maintenance work in advance, avoiding stock shortages and any delays which might cause water coolers to be out of service for short periods.

Timestrip on Eden Water Cooler

Water coolers situated in thousands of offices across 15 countries in Europe carry a Sanitization or filter change reminder card attached to the stand casing, with a 6 month Timestrip LIS indicator affixed to the card. This ensures consumers see they are drinking quality water from a regularly serviced water cooler and it shows Eden’s commitment to create an optimal environment for hygienic and safe water consumption in the workplace. Further it ensures that the water delivery teams see when it’s time to change filters during the regular checks.

Timestrip 6 Month LIS indicators are the perfect low-cost solution for monitoring elapsed time and accurately prompting filter replacements. The service teams simply attach a new Timestrip LIS indicator to the maintenance card when a filter is changed, the Timestrip verifies it has been successfully activated and it’s then clear to everyone using the water cooler what the remaining effective life of the filter unit is.

timestrip for eden water coolers

The irreversible nature of the patented Timestrip smart label technology removes the need to run error-prone service logs and engages both the bottle water delivery teams and the office workers with the process of maintain their drinking water quality.

Timestrip has developed patent protected smart label technology which is accurate, highly reliable and 100% tamper-proof. The indicators work by measuring elapsed time: each indicator contains a porous membrane, through which a colored liquid travels at a pre-calibrated rate. They are activated by finger pressure – simply squeeze the bubble on the indicator and a red line appears almost immediately to confirm that the indicator is active and monitoring elapsed time from that moment.

Commenting on the Eden Springs project, Timestrip Managing Director Reuben Isbitsky said “Our clients find the clear visual reminder feature of our product easy to use, easy to read and trust the display to tell service teams when the component has reached the end of its effective life and should be replaced. They are seen as more cost-effective than an electronic equivalent, not least because they cannot be reset once activated and they have no shelf-life issues, unlike battery powered electronic devices. The environmental benefits, married to significant uplift in customer satisfaction levels make Timestrip LIS indicators a clear winner for switched on businesses.

adminTimestrip helps keep Eden Springs water flowing at its freshest
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Timestrip Smart Labels Incorporated into U.S. Household Appliances

Timestrip Plc, which markets an inexpensive and versatile label technology for accurately measuring elapsed time, has secured a contract to supply its smart labels to Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex Inc, a leading distributor of household appliances throughout America.

Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex Inc. is one of the largest North American manufacturers and marketers of small kitchen, garment care and home health appliances. The company’s True Air range is currently sold in North America through Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kroger, Home Depot, Kmart and Rite Aid.

The Timestrip smart labels will be integrated into products within the True Air product range to remind users to exchange integral filters within the recommended time.  The first True Air products incorporating Timestrip labels will go on sale in North America during 2006.

Edith Wine, product manager for the True Air product line, comments, “We are delighted to be working with Timestrip, whose smart labels offer us not only a point of differentiation in a competitive market, but also the opportunity to enhance our customers’ experience with the True Air product.”

Timestrip’s smart labels contain a tinted liquid dye which migrates across the label thereby enabling users to monitor for how long an item has been open or in use.  The technology can be implemented as an external label or can be fully integrated into products and product packaging.

The Timestrip technology is relevant to a wide range of food and non-food products which, once opened, should be used or replaced within a recommended time. Expiry dates feature prominently in many mass markets including food retailing, catering and food services, consumables, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, engineering and air conditioning. Timestrip’s main route to market is through supply and license agreements with manufacturers and packaging companies wishing to feature  Timestrip labels on their products.

Commenting on the latest contract, Reuben Isbitsky, Joint CEO and Co-Founder of Timestrip Plc, says, “This is an important breakthrough for our technology in North America.  Our association with a household name such as Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex not only enhances our credibility in the market place but also gives high visibility to Timestrip smart labels at retail level and fantastic exposure in households across North America.”

adminTimestrip Smart Labels Incorporated into U.S. Household Appliances
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Timestrip Smart Labels Provide Ideal Solution for Monitoring Filters on a Wide Range of Appliances

Timestrip® helps meet Compliance Guidelines, leading to Increased Sales of Consumables
Hamilton Beach integrates Timestrip® into Febreze® True Air® odor filters

Timestrip Plc, the UK-based smart label company, has announced that the strongest demand for Timestrip® elapsed-time monitoring devices is coming from the appliance category for monitoring household appliance filters.

A key issue for many household appliances is how consumers can be kept aware of the time consumable components, specifically changeable filters, have been in use.  Timestrips® provide consumers with a visual reminder of how long the filter has been in use, encouraging them to change filters within recommended guidelines.

Timestrip® is a reliable time- and temperature- sensitive smart label that monitors elapsed time.  Its highly visual display indicates how much time has passed, alerting consumers when filters need replacing. Timestrips® can be integrated into appliances, or supplied as external labels consumers may apply directly to appliances that require monitoring.

“Many household items require maintenance, yet are often forgotten and are not replaced in the recommended time frame,” said Reuben Isbitsky, Joint CEO of Timestrip Plc. “Our message to appliance manufacturers is that Timestrip smart labels act as a helpful reminder for customers to repeat product purchase, which can create high volume sales as consumers strive to better protect the quality of water they drink and the air they breathe.”

Replacement of consumable components on household and institutional appliances is critical for optimal performance. This ensures the unit’s ability to filter water or air, and maintain their healthy quality and freshness.  Many manufacturers recommend that air filters, for example, be replaced at least every three months and, in particular, as one season gives way to another.

Applications for Timestrip include water filters, air filters, furnace filters, vacuum cleaner filters and for aquamarine and cage cleaning.

Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex has integrated Timestrips into its appliances through development of a new model of odor eliminator, utilizing a Febreze® True Air® activated carbon filter which lasts for four months.

Faced with the challenge of helping consumers identify when product replacement was required, the company integrated a highly visible four-month room temperature Timestrip® into the filter housing fascia. The clear color change signals an early warning to repurchase additional filters, and then indicates when it is time to replace the filter. Hamilton Beach supplies a new Timestrip with each replacement filter.

Timestrip currently develops and markets its technologies for sectors such as appliances & consumables, food & beverage, catering & food service, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals & medical devices.

More information about Timestrip can be found at www.timestrip.com

adminTimestrip Smart Labels Provide Ideal Solution for Monitoring Filters on a Wide Range of Appliances
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