Become a Timestrip® distributor

2013 saw the launch of several new products in the Timestrip range and a significant uplift in enquiries from within key sectors such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences and healthcare.

One such example being the Temp10 temperature breach indicator label created for blood bags – now saving time, money and lives in blood banks across Europe and the USA.

Innovation remains a core strand of our dynamic approach to solution development and the practical application of patented, low-cost smart label indicators.

As a result the company is looking to appoint a raft of new sales and marketing partners for its entire range, with a focus initially on mainland Europe.

Organisations with expertise and established routes to market within cold-chain markets in pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines, blood products and life sciences are invited to make contact for initial consultations with us via our Distributor Recruitment page.

adminBecome a Timestrip® distributor