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New Run Out Times

48 Hour now available in 8°C & 10°C

Timestrip Plus 8°C Irreversible Temperature Indicator

Rules & Regulations of the State of Georgia for Compounding & Mail Order Pharmacies

Rule 480-48-.02 (3) regarding temperature and mail order regulations

Conditions for Use of Delivery by Mail

A mail order pharmacy shall ensure that all prescription drug order medications are delivered to the patient in accordance with standards of the drug manufacturer’s temperature standards as set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pharmacy shall insure integrity of any drug requiring temperature control other than “room temperature storage” that is delivered by mail order by enclosing in each medication’s packaging a USP-recognized method by which the patient can easily detect improper storage or temperature variations.

How long did a temperature breach last? It’s great to have a product that tells you if a temperature breach has occurred, but sometimes you need more information – like how long did the breach last? For some products, this is the vital detail and Timestrip® PLUS provides it.

Timestrip® PLUS will tell you how long a product has been exposed to higher temperatures and is the first truly cost-effective indicator to do so.

Once activated, Timestrip® PLUS will keep monitoring temperature for days, weeks or months, depending on your needs. During that time it will record how long any temperature breaches last.

Here is an example. An 8°C Timestrip® PLUS was chosen to monitor a shipment which would take 3 weeks to arrive. When the shipment arrived, the indicator showed 4 hours of 8°C breach. This breach could have happened in one long event or from a series of shorter breach events across the 3 weeks. The 8°C Timestrip® PLUS could have indicated up to 8 hours of temperature breaches during that 3 weeks.

image_8C BOT TSP-065-02-02Timestrip PLUS 065
for Fridge, Pharma Shipments
8°C / 46°F
8 Hour run-out window
Timestrip PLUS 8C 48hours BOB-TP175Timestrip PLUS 175
for Fridge, Pharma Shipments
8°C / 46°F
48 Hour run-out window
Activation feature – can be shipped and stored under any temperature conditions, saving money and hassle
Highly Accurate
Indicator window confirms activation, to let you know the product is ‘on’
Unique serial code printed on each indicator for traceability
Long shelf life
Unambiguous color progression to show length of temperature breach
Product can be delivered by the piece or in rolls
Customized product & carrying cards available to distinguish your company or your customer
Water Resistant
Modern Look & Feel
Environmentally friendly

Available for a wide variety of temperatures Timestrip® PLUS indicators are accurate, cost-effective and easy to use and can be directly applied to products and/or packaging. Timestrip® PLUS indicators are available for a variety of temperature thresholds ranging from -20°C to +30°C.  Custom temperatures can be produced subject to minimum order quantities.

Can I customise the temperature threshold if you don’t make one that I need? 
We have a wide range, but if none of our products suit your needs we can investigate a new threshold temperature. There is a cost for this development service and not all temperatures are possible.  Please contact us for more information.
Can you provide Timestrip® PLUS on rolls?

Products are supplied loose in poly bags as standard. Subject to a premium and technical parameters, they can also be provided on rolls for integration into packaging lines or in boxes.

What are your Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL’s)?
The Accepted Failure Rate is based on ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (formally MIL-STD-105E) Level II Normal Inspection. Packs are over shipped by 2-3 units per 100 to cover this AQL. Central to this process are tests against defined specifications for; how quickly the dye progresses through the membrane, environment sensitivity (high heat and vacuum tests to check resilience to harsh conditions during shipping) and also the accuracy of the threshold melting point. A full pack of release reports is provided with each shipment. Further details are available on request.
Is the liquid safe?
Yes, and it is a tiny amount and fully encapsulated within the product.  Please see our MSDS for further information. In the highly unlikely event that the liquid leaks from the Timestrip® and comes into contact with skin, simply wash with soap and water. If the liquid comes into contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
Why does Timestrip give away 1 or 2 free products with every pack of 100?
Because we like our customers! You can use these free products for testing, training, validation, or just to save money. In the unlikely case any got damaged along the way or someone just wanted to try one, there is no need to get in touch, although we're always happy to hear from our customers. Personally, we think that all companies should give stuff away for free!
Can Timestrip application be automated and integrated into production lines?
Yes, this is one of our strongest points of differentiation vs. other products.  Timestrip Indicators can be loaded bulk, orientated and ready to be custom applied and even activated inline if the application warrants it.  The video shows one of our solutions. Production Line Feeder

Our products are manufactured under the controls established by an IQC approved quality management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2008