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Food safety is a vital concern as shown by the introduction of the Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP) legislation in the European Union.  The introduction of the food legislation has called for caterers and food services to have greater responsibility on food quality, safety and traceability.

Timestrip® smart labels are accurate food freshness indicators that adhere directly to fresh or frozen food packaging for clear, visual monitoring of product shelf life.

Professional Use: Timestrip® has a range of smart labels especially designed for professional use that are already used in professional kitchens across the world. Easier to use and more informative than traditional labels, they form an integral part of the ‘first in-first out’ principle for food storage that is adhered to by all reputable caterers.

• Assist with HACCP compliance
• Help monitor food quality and safety
• Help prevent errors
• Easy to use
• Clear visual guide to food freshness

It’s simple. The inexpensive Timestrip® smart labels allow processors and distributors to track food freshness in transit and in storage, saving the expense and potential health hazard caused by spoiled or wasted food. 

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Fridge Thaw

Fridge Thaw assists and automates HAACP compliance by tracking how long a food product has been thawing and when it is safe to cook and/or consume.


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