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Timestrip® proves final piece in ExtraLife® puzzle

25% Food Wastage Can Be Reduced
It’s been reported that Americans throw away as much as a quarter of all the fresh food they buy, mostly because it’s gone bad. ExtraLife®, from DGL Products, aims to reduce this, by neutralizing the ethylene gas produced by fruit and vegetables as
they ripen and converting it to harmless water vapor. When ethylene is produced inside a refrigerator, it’s trapped and builds up very quickly. This causes fresh fruit and vegetables to ripen much faster than they would in their natural environment and so they become inedible quicker. ExtraLife® tackles this by neutralizing the excess ethylene gas in the fridge, slowing the ripening process and keeping produce fresher for longer.
How to Ensure Timely Replacement
IFor ExtraLife® to do its job properly, it needs to be replaced on a regular basis. DGL faced the challenge of making consumers aware of when to renew their ExtraLife® filter, thus maintaining performance and ensuring food continues to be consumed at its freshest and healthiest.
Three-month Timestrip® the Solution
Including a Timestrip® with each ExtraLife® pack was the clear solution to DGL’s problem. Timestrip’s three-month product, calibrated for refrigerator temperatures, was chosen and would be activated when the product was first placed in the customer’s fridge. The addition of the three-month Timestrip® to the ExtraLife® cartridge means individual consumers can now see at a glance whether their filter needs to be replaced, enabling them to maintain the condition of their fresh produce at a high level.
Completing the Circle
Adding a Timestrip® has completed the circle of ExtraLife®’s product offering, enabling it to provide a consistent, ongoing guarantee of improved produce freshness.
“The inclusion of Timestrip® with the ExtraLife® cartridge means customers are able to maintain the fresh environment in their fridge at a constant level,” says Dustin Pethtel of DGL Products. “It’s easy to see when a new cartridge needs to go in and, if it’s done in a timely fashion, there won’t be a build-up of ethylene gas in between.”

With no excuse for letting the refrigerator environment deteriorate, produce that starts fresh should stay fresh.

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