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Commercial Freezer Temperature - constant, accurate, reassuring DefrostWatch ™

After a power interruption, it's important to know if temperature-sensitive products are still in a useable condition. DefrostWatch ™, a commercial freezer temperature alarm will sit unobtrusively in a freezer and indicate whether the temperature has risen above critical levels and, crucially, for how long.

Rely on it and refer back to it

DefrostWatch ™ is an irreversible commercial freezer temperature
alarm indicator. Once activated, the viewing window will change from white to blue - if there is no temperature breach in the freezer, the indicator does not move. When a temperature breach does occur, the commercial freezer temperature thermometer indicator will show how long the breach has lasted, allowing you to take appropriate action. If the temperature returns to safe levels, indicator progress stops, helping avoid unnecessary waste.





Commercial Freezer Temperature - Typically Timestrip®

DefrostWatch ™ is as user-friendly as all Timestrip® products.

Easy to activate : simply squeeze the blister and the colour change confirms the label is working. There are no special storage conditions prior to activation.

Easy to apply : stick DefrostWatch ™ commercial freezer temperature thermomter onto a visible area at the back of the freezer and it removes cleanly when you need to replace it.

Easy to read : see at a glance whether the freezer temperature has risen above safe levels and for how long - a commercial freezer temperature alarm thermometer that brings confidence.


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