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Timestrip has achieved a number of successes in product development during a project with Canadian brand CARGO Cosmetics.
CARGO is known for its innovative approach to product packaging and formulation: a leading brand, it is popular both with high street consumers, celebrities and make-up artists. Continuous innovation has kept CARGO in the spotlight and earned the brand a multitude of awards, such as the internationally-renowned Red Dot award for product design. CARGO products are available through outlets such as Sephora across North America and Europe.

Pushing the boundaries CARGO tasked Timestrip with producing an elapsed time indicator for use on its trademark lip glosses. This required Timestrip to achieve two ‘firsts’ in terms of its production – to manufacture a nine-month room temperature label and, at 16 x 30mm, to make it considerably smaller than the standard size Timestrips®.

“CARGO’s requirements presented us with quite a challenge, but it was one we relished,” comments Tristan Allen, Commercial Director. “Timestrip’s whole philosophy is based on continuous innovation and development, so it’s great for a customer to ask us to push the boundaries of our current capabilities.”

“The CARGO project represented a number of breakthroughs for Timestrip,” says Tristan Allen, “- our first launch into the cosmetics sector; the first cosmetics integration project and the first mechanically-activating Timestrip®.”

Simple consumer-friendly activation Timestrip’s solution was a product which could be integrated into the handle of CARGO’s lip gloss wand; the consumer activates the Timestrip® before first use when the lip gloss is removed from its box. The integrated Timestrip® then monitors a period of nine months – the recommended ‘shelf life’ of a lip gloss – clearly indicating when that time is up and the product should be discarded.

CARGO Founder Hana Zalzal explains, “We are proud to be the first to offer this technology. Women can now be assured that their gloss is fresh and effective.”

CARGO took responsibility for the product design process and used its manufacturing expertise to create an entirely new concept in cosmetic packaging design. CARGO manufactures the wands itself, with the Timestrips® added at a later stage before the products are shipped to stores.

Innovative Timestrip continues to achieve firsts
The challenge of producing a nine-month room temperature Timestrip® was so successful that the company carried it further and is now developing a 12-month ambient product as well.

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